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Soare you are scared of lesbians?
So are you are scared of lesbians because:
-Yes; they have republicans in their vagina
[Image: vagina_apple.jpg]
-No; I like the male energy that they typically tend to exude
[Image: carhartthorse.jpg]
-drive the largest 4x4
[Image: index.php?PHPSESSID=9362be92a247a782e822...3655;image]
No; I haven't been afraid of cooties since I was 4, maybe.
No, tend to get along better with lesbians than I do with gay men.
Yes; I have a step sister who's a lesbian.
All the ones I've met are nice.
First of all, let me begin by saying of your first picture....what....the....fuck? :biggrin: I'm never eating an apple again thanks to you Confusedmile: Wink

Second, no I am not scared of lesbians, or girls Confusedmile: My friend Katie is a lesbian and she's like a sister to me. I don't see any good reason to be uncomfortable or "scared" of lesbians.
wintermoon Wrote:First of all, let me begin by saying ....what....the....fuck I'm never eating apple again ...
Second, I am not scared of lesbians ...
qutoe out of contextRofl
i think ill pass on the apple score tbh
apple; i can fully understand, its an old temptation, been over used in the past Headscratch
Kind of lends a whole new meaning to the apple scene from Snow White doesn't it?
images.googles ( lesbian fear )
I am never making apple anything again and those jars of apple sauce and butter have to go. As for my apple trees - well they can be shade trees.
i feel very much at ease with the lesbians i know and
have felt greater acceptance from them than from
most others. Smileysex
pellaz Wrote:... No, tend to get along better with lesbians than I do with gay men.
so this works for you

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