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Straight To The Point (So To Speak)
Hey guys!

I'm a college student who's been out for almost two years now. I have been in two relationships, both of which ended because the guys just weren't what I was looking for in a boyfriend. Needless to say, I'm ready to move on with my dating life but I have a big issue.

Anytime I go out (dancing, parties, etc.) everyone thinks I'm straight. In fact, I was at a gay club last night and, once again, was unsuccessfully in even talking to any guys. As my friends and I were leaving, a girl made a comment to me about straight guys coming to the club.

It doesn't offend me that people don't recognize that I'm gay, but it worries me that it will be that much more difficult finding dates because guys think I'm another "breeder." I'm pretty new to being out and was hoping you all could lend me some wisdom.

Sorry cant offer you any advice Sad but welcome to the forums Smile nice Avatar. Pun intended
I don't think you have anything to worry about. I thought straight-acting guys are popular, no? You don't need to fall into a specific category of behaviours to be gay. Gay is within you, not out.
I have had the same problem i just walked up to a guy and said HI I am gay how are you. 4 or 5 times to different guys of course.

word got out and i soon had friends and LOTS of offers i turned down.

you will be fine.
Glad someone got my little joke. 8)

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