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Straight or No?

You have three options.....

1. Appreciate the level of friendship/relationship you have with him and expect nothing further
2. Explain to him that some of his behaviors come off as flirtatious which makes you uncomfortable and ask him to either stop it or mean it.
3. End the friendship.

I have done #1 and #2 successfully on the short term, but other factors ended the friendship.
[SIZE="3"]Have A GREAT Day!!!

Does he know you are gay?
Have you told him? I'd let him know.

If you already did, you might reiterate that fact with him and say "careful you're turning me on." If you want to do it jokingly go for it but be honest.

I too would recommend you join the gay community and seek after gay men. There are plenty out there.
You should broach the subject very delicately if you even bring it up with him, but I must tell you from my own personal experience it went horribly and for me it was my first crush, first attempt of being with someone. I had similar advice and my emotions were just so strong I couldn't help myself. So really, look over what everyone is saying because many of us have been through it. When I say look over it, I mean dissect it and really take it to heart. Please keep us updated, best wishes.

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