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Straight or not or just a nice person?
Well, I'm a young guy, 18 years old and I've weird situation with one of my classmates and friends. I'm gay and I've hid it my whole life, however unfortunately it happened that some guys fond it out. They weren't very accepting, on the contrary. They started to mock me and bully me. I was called names, pushed when walking through the halls and treated very badly. Then a classmate of mine found out what was happening to me and for some reason he started to defend me. It was kind of a surprise to me, because I never asked any help from him or anyone else. He threatened this guy who was bullying me to tear his head off if he won't leave me alone. He even fought once because of me. His actions always surprises me as we were not even much of friends before it, just classmates, however he always somehow manages to be next to me when I need it.

Now we're started to communicate a lot more, he's quite friendly with me. He has girlfriend and he told me that he's normal, just don't like see me being treated like this. He told me to look for him every time someone is harming me.

I don't understand why is he doing it. Every day he repeats again and again to me that he's normal. I always say I got the first time that he's normal, meaning, straight, besides he has girlfriend. But why then should straight guy care for gay guy so much? Once he cancelled a date with his girlfriend, because he wanted to accompany me to my home. No need to say that she was furious. He gave me his mittens when there was a cold day and I came to school with bare hands.

His girlfriend came to our school few days ago and told me to keep my hands away from her boyfriend and not even try to turn him into a [email protected] like myself. I've never came on to him and I would never do it, although he's really handsome. He's straight and he has girlfriend and I respect that. I just don't understand what is the reason behind his behavior. If we were friends before it, I would understand, but we weren't. Why would he defend me so much?
Some people are just highly compassionate and feel strongly about situations like these. As a result, they feel obligated to step in and come to the person's defense, so that's probably the extent of the motives behind his treatment of you. There's always a possibility he's in the closet, but most likely he's just a nice, compassionate person who doesn't want you to feel alone. Where I live, lots of people, male and female, would've reacted the same way he did had it been me or any other LGBT person in that position.
I would have to agree with Phil. Done similar things myself when I thought it was the right thing to do in a variety of situations. Some of us hate bullies and thugs and have no problem stepping in when the situation calls for it.
Well okay, maybe when he tells those guys to f*ck off, it could be because he hates bullies and wants to protect the weaker person. But why did he fight for me? What is the point of fighting till blood because of someone he doesn't even know very well? It's hard for me to see compassion in this.
You, sir have stumbled upon a good happy of that

some people actually have the best interest of other in mind...doesn't happen a whole lot and most certainly not when it comes to LGBT rights..

He could simply have been raised properly..

Reminds me of this Christian group that went to a gay parade with giant signs "I'm sorry for the way you've been treated"...

Be thankful this guy has crossed path with you and don't over think it too much

like you said you both have your situations very clear
You've found a very strong ally, be grateful for that! He sounds like a very compassionate person.
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
I think you've just found a really nice friend and like someone said
an ally.

I wouldn't read too much into if I were you, just see him as a good friend
and nothing more. It's easy to feel attracted to someone specially if that
someone stands up for you, kind of like the whole 'Knight in shining armor'
kind of thing.

There are extremely nice straight guys out there who aren't jerks, it took me
awhile to differentiate as well and confused friendship with something else.

I hope this helped.. Smile

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