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Strange phone call...
Hey guys, just wanting to hear what others think about a strange phone call I got from my Aunt.

I should preface by saying that she never calls me. Like ever. So let's say that I've got Aunt A and Aunt B who are both on my dad's side. My mom is in frequent contact with Aunt A as of late, and being that I live at least a thousand miles from my nearest family, I haven't actually seen any of my family in over a year and a half. Well I'm not "out" to any family, in fact, only 2 of my friends that I currently have know about me.

So here's the deal. A couple of days ago, I get a random call from my Aunt B (who, again, NEVER CALLS) who insists that she is calling just to tell me that she loves me, and that I should know that she'll always love me. Ok. weird, but whatever. Then she tells me that I'm always welcome to come visit, and the part that gets me is that she says "..and feel free to bring your friend!"

I'm single...and i DID think it was weird that she didn't say "bring A friend" but "bring YOUR friend" as if there was only one...and as if she was talking about one in particular... and the fact that she called them my "friend"....well I decided to blow it off thinking that she misspoke, but then at the end of the call she says it EXACTLY that way AGAIN.

Is it just me, or does it sound like my Aunt is on to something? I communicate with this particular aunt almost never...and its so weird she felt the need to call me up and say something like that????She doesn't even KNOW any of my friends.... Dont misjudge me, if she came out and asked me directly, I would say it at this point so i'm not necessarily freaked out about it, but does that sound suspicious? If she DOES suspect something, the only way I can think that this may have come up is that my MOM suspects, and may have discussed it with Aunt A who relayed it to Aunt B.

hmm... :confused:
That sounds suspiciously like she's fishing for confirmation. It could be nothing but, if one of your family hints like that again, the cat might be close to getting out of the bag, so to speak.
fr0sty Wrote:If she DOES suspect something, the only way I can think that this may have come up is that my MOM suspects, and may have discussed it with Aunt A who relayed it to Aunt B.

that's what it sounds like to me, have you considered coming out to your mom and/or aunts.
ceez Wrote:that's what it sounds like to me, have you considered coming out to your mom and/or aunts.

Well being that I'm so far distanced from all immediate and extended family, I have been, for a while now, with the mentality that's there's really no real reason for me to address it, being that they don't see me regularly or anything, but then...with this happening, i'm considering it, as much as I've avoided it all these years.
Sounds like the perfect opportunity to "feel the waters" for coming out to your mom! Or should I say give her the chance to come out for you!!! If you're not THAT close you may have something to gain and little to lose but the chance. I'd ask her if she thinks it is suspicious to the call and she feels about it, then let it develop from there.

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Well the best thing to do is by the sounds of it confirm their ideas i mean if your a thousand miles from home it isnt going to do anything with the distance apart and the fact you dont really see your aunt etc means that if she aint happy with it... Have the attitude who gives a shit? I do with my dad and his homophobic and now almost on the streets
Yep sounds liek you hit the nail on the head and your mum might be fishing for some information. It does seem a little convenient that your Aunt calls you out of the blue....maybe your mum and her are scheming to try and catch you out.

I agree that you might want to consider coming out to your parents at this stage but if it doesnt bother you then it sounds like it isn't a necessity.

talk to your mum and try to trick her back Winknudge
a lot is said that you have not contacted them is a year and a half. All good. PostIt reminder; next boy friend bring him along to thanksgiving at your house but stay in a hotel room. The shock factor would be a moment in your lives. 1K miles is a day's drive.
Could be wrong but seems that she knows and that was her way to say its ok.
Hearts1it may be that suspicions are circulating around
the family...but they may include gossip that urMalelovies
in a straight relationship. sounds like aunt may
be in ur corner tho. good for u! Hearts1

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