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The Dance and dancing thread
I'm starting a new thread... We're gay, right? We enjoy dAn[SIZE=4]CiNg[/SIZE], right? So here's a video from YouTube to start this thread... I'm thinking of how Joseph enjoys dancing too... you can post classical ballet, and hip hop and ballroom if you like, anything you've enjoyed watching and would like to share with us. Just post it. This thread is to dancing what the threads to classical or pop music are. I hope Andy makes this a "sticky".

very nice prinecalberto. soukous congo
I respect the skill and athleticism of dancing its fun to watch when done right….but I don’t dance and you can’t make me:tongue:
can you do mine like a vidoe like yours. oo sexy man soukous
joseph Wrote:very nice prinecalberto. soukous congo

There you are, Joseph... Confusedmile:Confusedmile:Confusedmile:
thank and sexy man one i done.plese thankyou
This video features the Dance of the Thousand Hands by a Deaf team of dancers

it's wonderful. Quite like the music and the Mandarin commentary (which I don't understand, lol)

joseph Wrote:can you do mine like a vidoe like yours. oo sexy man soukous

Sure Joseph.... Here you are!


These guys are amazing Smile me and my mate Chris try to do these after we smoke up lol

keep your eyes on the guy in red...
Thank you, Sil, I really enjoyed that. Brilliant dancing and choreography....
and this one is "VERY FUNNY"!!! I guess.... Wink


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