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Venting!! Sorry!!
So despite the day starting off pretty good I decided to call round to my parents house. Since then I've just steadily got worse... First off I find out I've got a funeral to go to next week (not anyone I really knew but I still gonna be depressing). Then I find out my brothers been bullied in school and he wasn't talking at all and nearly in tears and I felt awful for him... So that set me off in a low mood. When I went home and met some freinds which I now realise we have very little in common with and just felt like the outcast... This just made me feel even worse. I guess I'm jus feeling pretty fed up after a pretty rubbish evening... Although I'm venting so feel free not to say anything but some advice on what to say to and help my little bro out would be appreciated!
Bighug Bighug Bighug Bighug Bighug
Your brother needs a support system at home that makes him realize that he's loved..that's first..

he needs to know that everything he is a victim of at school is not his own fault nor does it follow any logic regarding his own traits..

that should give him the strengh to go back,

then he needs to know that while fighting back is probably not the best idea, he can defend himself..

first and foremost: indiference towards the people in question, then he needs a close group of friends to lean on...

if it ever gets pyshical and he comes home injured that's when you go to the principal

anyway, funerals are just.....sort of a business deal, it's all about formalities..may that help you a bit

feeling like an outsider is common: don't feel bad cause you are not like everyone else...feel joy that you are unique

Yeah find the bullys and cut there dicks off…

Unfortunately you cant do that and its illegal, the best you can do is be there for him at home so he has that stable enviroment and like southbio said it it becomes physical you should let somebody know or move your brother to a different enviroment...
Have some Yorkshire pudding~
partis Wrote:Yeah find the bullys and cut there dicks off…


Not if you KNOW how to do it without getting caught!!!!!

Not only cut off, but sewn to their foreheads, to show what pricks they are!!!!
I prefer staples. Mainly for the odd movie reference.
justbry87 Wrote:Have some Yorkshire pudding~

Haha thanks I haven't had them in ages

Thanks for the advice guys I will try and speak to him at the weekend Smile

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