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Well i guess i should say hi!
hey guys

22 year old Ben here, just came out (clicks for me)

joined up about a week ago, but been a little busy, lol.. so here i am, introducing myself... blah blah blah...

22 Sydney, Australia, hoping to meet some cool guys Smile
Welcome to the madness Ben. I'm Andy (not THE Andy lol) . Most users just call me Ash to stop any confusion with the site owner.

Have look around, feel free to say hi anytime. Biggrina
oooooooooooooooh so that is why you are Ash -blushes- ... welcome to the boards Ben Smile although I think I already said hi in your coming out post Big Grin
i think we had a thread somewhere at the start of this madness that asked how we came about our usernames lol.. but just to remind ya.

A = Andrew

S = Stephen

H = Hinsley

LEO = starsign

78 = year i was Born
aaaaaaah yesses I remember.... Tongue
Wasn't blazinsmile something to do with when you smiled at guys they melted lol.. if it wasn't WHY ??.,..Laugh
LMAO :O no it's a lyric from one of my favourite tunes atm.
my version sounds better Laugh lol
teehee bless Tongue
What.. you want to bless me...?

How does that work lol Laugh

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