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What is Most Important To You in a Relationship?
(10-06-2020, 08:33 PM)InbetweenDreams Wrote:
(10-06-2020, 08:01 PM)Chase Wrote: Like most people, I'm waiting for a billionaire with supermodel looks. It's not unrealistic, it happens all the time in the movies  Big Grin

Do rupees count?

Oh yeah what's that movie...Overboard? Perhaps I need to be put into a coma...

I don't know man. One billion rupees is $13,596,420 so I guess it counts if he's still good looking. I have a few clients who have a net worth bigger than that, usually they keep it tied up in assets so it doesn't erode to inflation, or it came with strings attached from their family's business. They definitely have it way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy easier than you and I, but it isn't always exactly the high life you see in the movies. With 13 and a half million, I would probably take a breather from being lifted out of debt and hardship, but at the same time I probably wouldn't want to lose it, so I'd probably only spend 1% of it year, which would be like $135,000, so I can live off the interest while the return still beats inflation. So unless something were to happen where I knew I wouldn't have much longer to live, I probably wouldn't be living the high life. You can call me a scrooge, but I'm not going to be the next Nicholas Cage Smile
What happened?
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  • InbetweenDreams
Gonna base this on my relationship I am in.  Trust, (yep got that) Things in common, (got that too) hard working, (yep) get along great, (uh huh) closeness, (hmmm) communication, (losing me) intimacy, ( sorry what is that again?). Been in this relationship for almost  8 years and it needs work. More of a relationship of convenience to me since we are both 50 something. Don't get me wrong. I love him deeply and him me as well. But he is the chosen one to take care of his mother in her later years who lives in the same house. We never have alone time (especially now with this virus thing) and she can be bossy and abrasive. We also work the same long hours 7 days a week at our own businesses. I can't wait for the rules to loosen up and the Rona to go away so we can get back to some alone time.
Money and most other things do not mean as much as the above at this point.
I can EXPLAIN it to you but I can't UNDERSTAND it for you

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