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What's wrong with me?
Thanks mum! Smile that's sort what me and my guy have now too. And like I've said before, I completely trust him and he trusts me just the same.
Archubbycub, I think you'll find it totally liberating to remember that you can't control someone else's mind or body. If they're going to foul up, they're going to foul up, sometimes without really wanting to, but more due to circumstances.

I've found it very liberating to tell my man that he was free to use his body as his needs dictate (with the provision that he'll take care of mine if he does ''stray''). After ten years together, I've just renewed that request / rule (Do with you body what you will, but, please, remember to keep me safe!), to which he has agreed, but also reminding me that he had no need, nor any desire to be ''unfaithful'' to me.

You know, being away from each other for weeks at a time, you have to work with what you've got. What keeps us so united is that the thought of having to find someone else who's as loving and as compatible is daunting for both of us. We know what we have in each other, and would not like to have to go ''hunting'' again.

Till death do us part??? We don't know, but it's nice to think that we've got someone to watch over us in the years to come.

Take care, hon.
Thanks PA! I get what you're saying about letting your partner be free to do what he needs to do, but honestly I don't want anyone else but the man I have and love, and he feels the same way. However, I feel like as long as he was "safe" if he were to "mess up" I'd forgive him and still be with him. I love him that much. Smile
I quite understand, Archy... It's not as if there are children and family to preserve from someone acting foolishly... If it were to happen a little too often, then I'd start questioning the relevance of what relationship we've got.

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