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You Don't Like Oral?

Is it true someguys just don't want their dick sucked?

Asking for a friend,
Yes and no....

When I get mine sucked, sometimes they do it right, sometimes I don't like it. I don't want to be rude and tell them to change their technique. I just suck them off and continue the session without me getting sucked lol.

But I know some guys that hate being sucked off for whatever reason. Maybe they don't want mouth saliva, bacteria etc on their junk. Could be a number of reasons.

I'd say there alot of guys that don't give either and in my experience they're tops that don't like to suck.
Yep! We used to have a member here, @East, that greatly dislike oral. He's definitely not alone in the world.
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Like everything in life, not everyone likes everything. How boring would this world be if we all liked the same things?
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I heard they exist, never met one, thankfully.
No, I love oral. Both ways.

I have only ever heard guys claim they don't like oral on the internet (on this site). Have never come across one in real life, so they're like this magical creature who may or may not exist in actuality.

Personally I can't understand why, because the sensation of receiving oral feels just so mind-blowingly good I can't imagine any guy disliking it. If you don't like to give oral, fine, but how could a man not enjoy the physical sensations resulting from having his penis in another's mouth? It's incomprehensible to me.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
I am more interested in oral even though I have only done it once. It was our first time so we both were pretty nervous and it didn't go that well. My fantasy is to graduate to a full blown (heh heh) sucker and have a group of guys line up and feed me. I especially like the guys who don't get sex much because seem to appreciate it more and they make the best faces when getting blown. Its like art, their faces contorted somewhere between what seems like pain and pleasure all at once especially when they finish.
I enjoy sucking a guys cock as well as having mine sucked as well. I actually wish I was on my knees all the time in front of a man sucking on him.
Do you like it? [MENTION=24126]NewToThis[/MENTION]???
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I like both ways but I do actually prefer sucking to being sucked.

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