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Your best opera songs
No clue!!!
ESLteacher Wrote:No clue!!!

Listen to the suggestions and maybe get an education??? Wink

not from a Opera
Händel - Wassermusik - Minuett

Giorio Tozzi was an opera singer in the 1950's, he was a main character in Roger and Hammersteins "South Pacific", Some Enchanted Evening" was one of of my favorite from the movie, James
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]
^ So that's who Rossano Brazzi was miming to - thank you! Thumbgrin
I'd like to enclose a YouTube clip, but I don't know how. Someone, give me a few tips please. Thanks, Greg
gregs317 Wrote:I'd like to enclose a YouTube clip, but I don't know how. Someone, give me a few tips please. Thanks, Greg

Hey Gregs. Take the part of the clip address after "watch ?v=" and put it in-between these:

YOUTUBE /YOUTUBE (with brackets around both words): []

There's a button to make those appear to the north west of your smiley box when you're composing a message. Hope that helps.

I got to see a masterclass given by Sherrill Milnes a couple months ago. One of the greatest things I've ever seen. It's amazing to listen to someone speak who is so clearly a master on their topic with decades of experience and work behind them.

Here's a German counter-tenor (a male soprano) Andreas Scholl. One of my favs.

Also, here's English baritone Simon Keenlyside (He also happens to be quite adorable as an added bonus).

By the way, this may be the gayest thread on this entire board.
Thanks Hayden - hope this works. This is La Donna e Mobile (Rigoletto), performed by Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra. Greg


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