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few words about myself and my companion
Bonjour et bienvenu de moi aussi, Natural. Je suis anglais aussi mais j'habite en espagne avec mon "mari" George.
You're some lucky man having all those young guys!
Welcome! Big age gap indeed but if you're in love with each other, no worries!
Hey hey there! That is quite an interesting story. I hope you enjoy this site!

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Thanks for your concern...we will surely find a solution. After all, where there is a will there is a way, it is said.
Have a wonderful day.
Hello Marshlander,
Merci beaucoup pour votre gentil message. Passez mon bonjour a votre companion.
John is indeed a great guy. However, adjusting to each other is not always easy due to cultural differences and age. With regards to Culture, I have adapted myself quite well as I do love India and its people a lot. I cannot envisage to live elsewhere on this Planet, even despite the huge number of hurdles I have to jump over on a daily basis! However, I travel a lot and John is most of the time part of the travel. With regards to age, well, there is nothing I can do! We both take life as it comes. We live the moment, the Now. as for us yesterday is useless and tomorrow seems so far away! However, this marriage issue in India is going to be the biggest hurdle HE and I will have to cross hopefully successfully. We both chat online with the World over and have made many friends whom we visit during our numerous travels or get visited by them whenever they happen to come this side of the World. Technology is certainly a great thing for us.
I will certainly write more about our life in Tamil Nadu, India.
Have a wonderful day.
Thanks Conechvn for your sweet message.
We do not envisage to leave India at all as going abroad would not solve the problem. Last year the Court of Justice in Delhi has repealed the Art 377 of the Indian Penal Code the English imposed on India more than 200 years ago which was making homosexuality a crime punishable with 10 years emprisonnement and heavy fine (without taking into account the blackmailing, abuse, rape and beatings gay people would get from the Indian Police). This is now part of the Past. Hence, it is safer now to be gay in India and a lot of positive things are happening for us here. However, mentalities of people cannot change overnight just because a Court of Justice has decriminalized and it will take a long time for the whole of the country accept us all as we are: human beings like them.
Have a great day
Thanks Peterinmalaga for your message.
I am not particularly lucky to have such a young (and handsomeConfusedmileSmile man as my Companion. Actually, I was worried that getting old young man would not want me anymore. Actually, it is the opposite!!! But, I am happy with John and I do not need a replacement !
A bientôt, j'espere. Je vous souhaite une bonne journée a Malaga.

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