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lonely :(
rsconceptions Wrote:Hey guys. This was my post - I posted anonymously I guess because I did not want people to.... I dunno... see my pain?

Anyway. Thanks so much for the responses, I really appreciate them. Things are a-changing, I'm seeing friends and meeting up with a couple of gay guys off the net, and actually I have had something really awesome happen lately which I will tell you guys about soon.

A couple of you have suggested I help out in the community, people less fortunate than myself... I already do that with my charity. But I had not previously thought about seeing if there are any gay groups near me, thanks for this suggestion!

Big Grin

Good that you feel better.. Confusedmile:
Anonymous Wrote:Furthermore, I've been single for ages and I do not want to be anymore Sad and would at least like some gay friends (real human ones).

You are not alone at being alone, many of us can relate to that feeling m8.

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