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update on my situation
My partner suffers from anxiety - well more like panic attacks which I think are very similar, and these usually occur in work whenever he is in a situation where the spotlight is on him, or he's in a large group where he may be asked a question in front of others (any question at all, nothing specific)

Medication definitely helps in coping with such anxiety, but as others have said you need to find what works for you. He also went to a psychologist who taught him breathing techniques as well as other mental strategies to cope whenever he felt the stress levels rising, and so far (been 6 months now) there has been no serious reoccurrence.

Good Luck,
Thanks for the support guys. My anxiety/depression has gotten really bad. It is to the point where I have a hard time reading certain paragraphs and understanding them in the right context. I do not feel like me at all. I am so tired and burned out... I think I am going to go see a doctor tomorrow morning. I had a bit of an anxiety attack earlier today but I was able to control it. But yea... body is aching, my mind is aching everything is aching. I think I need a break from life for a it. I ll see what the doctor says...

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