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what do you do for work?
what does everyone do for a job, or what do you do to pay the bills?

currently im a heavy truck mechanic and fabricator. ive been trying to get a couple of small businesses up and going for the last couple of years but been having a hard time. now your turn!!:biggrin:
Well you know what I do, but for those that don't.....

I have two (well three) jobs

1. Daytime Job: Project Manager at a Marketing Firm
2. Evening and Weekend Job: Romance Consultant at Tasteful Sinsations, a lingerie and adult novelty store (like Adam and Eve)
3. Third job, a mom and "wife" <-- the most rewarding one of all
I teach Information Technology Cert 1-4 ,graphic design,and web design to mature age students at Tafe .
I am currently living in Turkey and, in my free time I teach English. ( I am an exchange student this year)

I also manage some web sites for small bussineses and I manage everything technological for my old man's hotel.
I am currently a security guard for the community college in my small town of Ridgecrest. It's very easy work Smile
I am a writer.
I currently test Video Games, but am seriously thinking of going back to school to get something more rewarding.

ivorybenz Wrote:I am a writer.

Haha, that's my dream job Confusedmile: One of the things I'm considering pursuing in the future. I used to love creating fictional worlds until a few years back, when i kinda lost steam. In HS, I actually wrote a makeshift novel in the place of my final exam for English class :p
I work in Horticulture. Technical Job title is Horticulture Technician. Covers everything from Greenhouse, Nursery, Lanscaping, Golf Courses, Irrigation ect. My Grandma used to let me help with her gardening when I was little and my love for gardening kind of grew from there. Now the only problem I have is that there's no garden big enough for everything I want to grow =/ Well at least not that I can afford :p
I generally work for myself, sometimes as an independent contractor when I work for others. There were some real hard times, especially at the beginning, and I didn't eat everyday (and I'd crash art shows for the free food back then). But I'd been sewing since I was a little girl and found there was a neglected market for specially sized people (especially women) as big biz focused more on standard sizes and these people pay A LOT to to have clothes made, mended, and refitted for them. Using the library I expanded what I could craft and sold through various vendors (eventually settling on a thrift store that was good to me). I've made stuffed toys (my own ORIGINALS! Roflmao) as well making over 10x the profit of the time and money put into them and to my amazement saw even thrift stores make over twice the money back they paid me as well.

I've also bartered as well as worked for money house sitting and babysitting and ran errands for people and thought up a mail proxy biz (originally I just offered to get holiday packages without a significant other finding out and deliver them for a "finder's fee" but I expanded to people who wanted to get controversial magazines without being caught at it and/or put on a spammer's list, and btw that gets me a lot more color catalogs as junk mail which I bleed with lacquer thinner onto freezer paper and sell as gift wrap). Some odd jobs are amusing, too, like when I made $20 in 2 minutes by fixing a computer teacher's new pair of personal radios with VoX after he failed to get it to work after hours of trying (I called up the manual online, went to the "did you do something stupid" section, and was inspired to make sure all the screens matched; when one didn't I changed it so that it did and it worked. I lied about it taking me a couple of hours so that I'd still get the $20.)

I've also managed to use my contacts as well as my own creativity to arrange for many temporary gigs, too (from playing the Snow Maiden at a Russian American Christmas party to taking several children to see the Hannah Montana movie, both of those examples making me A LOT of money at the time). Because of the glowing recommendation from my time as a library volunteer (helping with the summer's children reading program) I was also able to get work with a home-based children's birthday party biz as well.

I'm proud of my accomplishments and my independence, and at a time when all too many have lost their jobs I still have income. Nevertheless, even at the best of times I've had to keep a low overhead, use thrift stores as much as possible, I've never been able to afford a car or get a decent credit card (when you conduct the majority of your biz on the grey market like I do then you don't get a credit score, and this has been a problem like when I rent I've always had to have someone else on the lease as my score is "insufficient credit history") and plenty of people would be mortified to live like that (though plenty of wage slaves DO, or foolishly use cash advance services so they don't).

However the economy has been slowly grinding down how much I make (because people have to have money to spend to buy my services and products), and though the thrift store I did the most biz through actually picked up as the rest of the economy sagged, even they're feeling it now. This means I have less opportunities than before. Furthermore I've moved so I have to carefully plan when I go back there to do biz (otherwise the price of gas wouldn't make it worth it). I'm trying to build up new contacts where I'm at as well and I'm hopeful that in a year or so I'll be making more money than I've ever had before, but it's a very slow process...especially in this economy. My partner has sold her home and we're pretty much living on that for the time being, as well as what we're both able to make.
I fix things, I make them go...

Actually I am a 'handyman'/general contractor/construction worker. I own my - if I say this without laughing - business (Since the economy has busted that is sort of a laugh).

I am perhaps really just a carpenter, my love is wood - I do all of that other stuff because there really isn't that much of a call for finish carpenters... few places use trim anymore Sad

Currently I am working partial days.... thinking about just closing down 'shop' since I am not even breaking even anymore.

I am eligible for disability, I am crippled up enough to collect a check... so I might just decide to become one more welfare statistic.... [Image: shrug.gif]

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