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How to tell if a guy is gay/interested?
Okay so, i've been going to this subway for a while....!
There is this really cute guy there, that I did watch for a while one day, he is always perky and like overly friendly with me.
Then with other customers, he's pretty much is blunt and dull.

He'll attempt to always help me if he sees me to, I watch him make no attempt to "help" other customers as quickly as he speeds up to the front for me.

Great eye contact to....He seems to watch me a lot of the time while inside.

I am a horrible person when it comes to telling if someone is interested/gay in general...
I rather not make a jack ass out of myself, there are many straight men who I find attracted to but, luckily I know they're straight...This guy is like a complete random stranger that I only see while going to get some food..

It's so confusion... >.<
Someone told me usually if they are overly friendly and stuff it's a good indicator.... ~.~

(And I know..I post alot in the advice section...! I needs lots of advice sometimes...LOL!)

Hey Buring! I know exactly how you feel. I went through something very similar with the guy I'm with. He is my first same sex relationship and I couldn't tell if he was being overly friendly at first, or was "testing the waters" with me. And we spent A LOT of time together too (we were in a musical together at the local community theater). One of the best pieces of advice I got from here was to "flirt back" with him, which worked for me, but bear in mind each situation is different! But, just going by what you posted here, it does sound like he's at least interested in you. Smile Have you tried talking to him directly, other than ordering a sandwich? The only other thing I can say is best of luck and keep us posted! Bighug

I don't know him out of subway!
Lol, I have this strong urge to ask him his name...He also looks familiar to!
But I try to be discreet about my..Gayness lol, since I came out I do more "gay" like things as everyone is telling me lol.
Pretty sure people can just see me and tell Smile

But he really catches my eye!
I smile stupidly when I am talking to him to..But he does to!
So it confuses me >;(
Maybe when I go next time I will try and be unshy and ask something out of the blue ~.~

I completely understand the "discreet" thing! Trust me! And the smiling is a good thing too! Smile Ask him his name and if you have ever seen him before except in the Subway. That's always a great conversation starter. If he says that he doesn't think he's seen you before you can follow up with telling him he seems so familiar, maybe even ask him if he goes to any of the places you hang out (school, park, wherever). If he tells you he thinks you look familiar too you can go directly to the "where have we met before part." I know being shy and overcoming it can be difficult, especially in a situation like this. But as one of my favorite sayings goes, "Fortune favors the bold." Also, the eye contact thing is a really good indicator. If he can't seem to take his eyes off you when you're talking to him, he seems to hang on every word you say, then I'd say he's definetly interested. Have you caught him "stealing glimpses" at you? You know, you turn and look at him and you see him quickly turning away like he's been watching you? Wink

I notice he watches like almost every move I make... O.O;
He only seems to turn if one of his co-workers ask what he's doing...

I notice his eyes sometimes, if other people are like around...He'll like move them to the side and then down then back up...
Dunno if that means anything o:

Ok, the watching every move you make is definetly a good sign and I remember reading somewhere that the looking away when someone else notices and the darting eyes are pretty good signs too. All in all I'd say there's a good chance you have yourself an admirer. I'd definetly ask him his name and where else you know him from. Again best of luck and keep us posted!

Hell I'M attracted to him now!!!! Gee Whiz one little flirt won't hurt! I have an idea. A small gift, wrapped in plain paper. Not conspicuous but sweet. In the little gift write a note that says thanks for making me feel special! Never say a word...just watch what happens. Anyone have any ideas for the little gift?
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

I just thought of maybe a small envelope gift card for a treat at the local ice cream shop???
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

I can just tell by the eyes - How they look at me.

This is coming from a single, somewhat inexperienced person, me. LOL. Smile

Buring Wrote:I notice his eyes sometimes, if other people are like around...He'll like move them to the side and then down then back up...
Dunno if that means anything o:

Yes, that indeed means something SmileWink

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