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shampoo in my urethra and it hurts to pee
First off, I'm Toni, 23 years old, gym rat, magazine editor/graphic designer, celibate.

Anyways, I was taking a bath the day before yesterday and I got extremely aroused sitting there in the tub. So I filled a condom up with Head & Shoulders shampoo and proceeded to spank the monkey. The next day, I go to take a piss and it burns/stings like HELL. What should I do?

Hi and Welcome :-)

Sounds like you tried urethra-play .... first aid: drink enough water .... to dilute the urine .... as less salt is in the urine as less it hurts when you peeing.
It sounds like a chemically inflamation..... and I would say: visit a doctor but I know... hard to go to visit a doctor. Important is: Don´t do anything other like peeing in time... try that you don´t get a erection.... just pee ... not more.

Have you hurt your urethra ... I mean ... is the urethra bleeding = immediately visit a doctor.

If the pains don´t go away ... visit a doctor... tell him what you have done ... no time to be ashamed, important is to heal it.

And a Tip: If you want to do that again ... just use a lube.... or strawberry jam Wink but nothing chemical

Detergents are bad for the skin, and really bad for inner skin like the nasal passages, anus, urethra.

If you dare, just smear a bit of shampoo on your forearm and let it dry. The skin becomes severely flaky, even chemically burned. This is what most likely happened in the urethra, a bit of shampoo got up inside and remained there long enough to leave a chemical burn.

There is nothing you can really do to un burn the skin. The best you can do is drink plenty of clear liquids (to keep dilute urine flushing the system) and give it time.

Head and shoulders also has active ingredients to treat dandruff. Selenium sulfide. Sulfides are corrosive, acids. Acids burn chemically.

As Fenris said, if there is blood present, see a doctor.

One of the things you can try is soaking in an oatmeal bath. DO NOT attempt to force or squirt oatmeal water into the urethra and do not attempt masturbation.

If you do not have oatmeal bath, you can take regular oats and run them through a food processor or blender until they are chopped up to a fine dust. 1-2 cups of that oatmeal dust added to a filling tub of water is sufficient.

Soak for 20-30 minutes. Oatmeal is generally good for the skin, don't be surprised if your legs and other skin areas soften up.

After the soak use cool (not hot, not cold, cool) water from the shower to rinse. DO NOT use soap, you are only rinsing off the larger particles of oatmeal.

Do this three times a day. Sufficient oatmeal 'milk' should get up there to sooth the burn.

drink water more than you ussualy do , or rub till the hell out of it during the showe , we all been there ... I THINK

Welcome to the boards, sorry that this has to be your first post.

I have heard that drinking cranberry juice helps alleviate the inflammation of a UTI, so you could try that?

Thanks so much guys. Bighug I've been drinking water all day and peeing like a race horse and the pain is subsiding. Phew. Thought I would have to go to the hospital. Never again!

Hello there,
First thing to do is to clean out the whole system in having a pee... The next thing to do is not use products on ya penis or other sensitive areas as this can cause extreme pain... I would recommend maybe just taking it day by day allowing the body to clear itself out and get things back on show and remember when it says head and shoulders it is not on about the head of ya penis its on about ya hair lol

Welcome! I'm glad you're feeling better.

That's a helluva introduction there. I think it only flies on the internet though. Next time I have a job interview I'm going to use that method to introduce myself to my potential employer. If he or she is half as compassionate and sympathetic as folks around here, I just may have a shot.

Dilute the urine , drink heaps of water.

Speaking of this, I wonder, what's the most interesting lube you guys have used?

I had a friend tell me back in high school that using a toothpaste/water mix was really good (he discovered this while rushing to get dressed once, and brushing his teeth in the shower). I couldn't believe him, but he insisted it was like "an arctic blast in the pants"

So I gave it a shot...

First off: you shouldn't use TOO much toothpaste, just a little and mix in the water. It DOES however, feel AWESOME. hahah. Kinda crazy, i know, and its not something you could do all the time because from the sensation you get, you feel that doing that too much could probably cause a problem, but every once in a while, its nice.

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