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OUCh, sex hurts
I am in so much pain:eek:
I am not a slut of anything but I hooked up with someone earlier.

First, I wish I was a top but I just don't feel right. Anyways, so I hooked up with this guy and his cock was big and thick. Usually, i just like to suck dick, but I went further and let him fuck me (with a condom).

I've done anal before. The first time I was really young, (11), the second time when I was around 21, 22 and maybe three more times. So overall I had intercourse with a guy about 9-10 times if even that.

It must have been 4 or more years since the last time. It hurts every time. I am still in pain and it was about 5 hours ago. He knew I was in pain and did it even harder:confused:

Right now I feel like someone is still banging me. Does this happen to anyone and how do you control it?

Sorry for pointing out the obvious, but it might be an idea to do it with someone who is going to be a bit gentler with you.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

[COLOR="Navy"]Okay here is how I see it:
1. Just because you hooked up with someone doesn't make you a slut, it makes you a normal human being. Confusedmile:
2. The issue here isn't the sex per say, it's the fact that your sex partner just pounded away without any thought of your comfort. Dump the douchebag and find a guy who will work with you and go slowly so that you can get more comfortable. Anal sex is great, you just need time to adjust and a partner with compassion and patience.
3. Okay a little of topic, but the first time you had anal was at 11??? [/COLOR]

I still feel slutty even though you said not to. It was a random hookup so I don't know him but we did use a condom. I've had sex without a condom, one time it wasn't by choice and there was nothing I could do.

The other time it was with my ex-bf and he got me high and drunk and that hurt like hell too, when he did it.

I am finally not hurting from it. I hope some day it will be with someone I care about. But dam now I know why some people scream during sex.

yes i was 11 the first time i had actual intercourse and at 8 was the first time i experienced other stuff but it was 11 when i truly lost my virginity

i sometimes wonder if that's why i feel so guilty after having sex. Sex is supposed to be good, According to my shrink, because I started at such a young age I was traumatized but that's a whole different issue.

The pain keeps coming back, I think my butt is still recovering. I saw in a chat room how someone said they were going to screw someone and they wouldn't be able to walk for a few days, now I really believe it. I can walk lol, but i think if he went any harder, i'd be hiding for a few daysRolleyes

A couple, of many, advantages to sex within a relationship are that, hopefully, he's a nice guy who wouldn't want to cause you any pain and, secondly even if he wasn't a nice guy, he'd want to make sure you were willing to do it again the next time you were together.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Yeah I need to find a guy like that. I wonder if they really exist. My first boyfriend was really rough in bed that's why I was scared to have sex with him. Don't they know that big ones hurt? But I like big ones, don't we all?

I take a medication that makes me really want sex. It's not viagra or anything like that, nor is it designed to make you like sex. It's an opiate that I take every day for opiate dependency. Yeah I am just wondering how this stuff works (subutex) but it really makes me want it all the time.

gaygay33 Wrote:Yeah I need to find a guy like that. I wonder if they really exist ...
They do.

libertylove4 Wrote:3. Okay a little of topic, but the first time you had anal was at 11???

mine was in year 6...think that makes me like 12 or something. Lol I didn't know what I was doing though.

On topic, if he cared for you he would wait.

Just tell a lad in future, wait for a minute while I can get used to the feeling, if you don't, it could really hurt + make you bleed...or either snap his condom and slit his dick, what a shame! xx

gaygay33 Wrote:Yeah I need to find a guy like that. I wonder if they really exist.

I second Marshy, they do. However, even if your guy ain't a nice one, his simple sexual self-interest should make him want you to enjoy sex, so you will want to do it again, soon. A guy you hook-up with has little hope of it happening again soon anyway, so he doesn't have that incentive to make sure you enjoy it.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Hope this doesn't sound like I'm not taking you seriously but here are my top tips for enjoying taking it.
If you like it, try to get more practice. Use a dildo, if you don't have a real cock handy!
Ask him to finger your hole a bit first.
Tell him to start off slow and tell him you mean it.
Get yourself in the right mood. Tell yourself you like a LITTLE pain and that once you have given him the go-ahead, he has the right to do just that. Try to enjoy being dominated. Well, some people like it rough. What I mean is, it helps to be passive in attitude as well as in your sexual role.
A little alcohol helps but don't get legless.
You can try a little pain killer, I mean the stuff they put on piles (I can't spell hemorroids.....) Ice cubes might also have the same effect. Am I kinky or what?
Try to enjoy being a slut. I don't mean that you are a slut. I just mean that you should enjoy sex. Shame is something we are taught. Try to unravel all that stupid education.
Personally I can think of nothing better than feeling permanently horny! But I suppose you can get tired of anything.

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