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Making Love
Hell yeah Udabar - I love to be tied up when bottoming! After all, I can still give orders :biggrin:

As far as topping goes, I don't consider sex great unless it utilizes at least 4-5 different positions - which does not include toys and rimming (my favs.)!

Really... And you live in Kansas City right.. lol.. JK

wow it's all getting a bit saucy in here...

I feel left out lol Rofl

So join in.. How do you like it ash? I would like to know...you know.. just incase... :tongue:

as sweaty as possible lol

and it's Andy remember..lol not Ash..

Well if I say Andy then people might think I'm talking about Andy.

Ok then..stick to Ash lol

i've done it up a tree house LOL only a bj tho!!

Was it not a bit cramped up in the tree house? :biggrin:


Well once you joined it did get a little cramped, but we'll make room.. lol

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