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Making Love
Hi, my name is Jorell and I live in Germany. Xyxwave I'm new to this gayspeak.com forum site, and this is where I'm laying my first words.
But anyways,
Out here theres loads and loads of open fields, so yeah. I guess its just grown on me, I like having sex out in nature.

Hey Xyxwave My name is Jorell and I live out in Germany. Theres loads of fields out here, and I guess its grown on me. Cause the best place for me when it comes to having sex is out in nature.

Have you seriously never seen the ocean?
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

ahem... in a... church after a wedding..! mypartner of the time and me were so excited for the happy couple that we justhad to do something!

my favourite position is a bit boring but its doggy style with me on top.

Udabar Wrote:What are the best positions when in bed with your lover (top and Bottom)?

If your the type that likes to experiment, like I do, then what positions have you come up with?

Where is the most interesting place(s) you have had sex at?

Best positions... I'm possibly quite boring here, but doggy style or missionary (and their variants). edit: as bottom!

I've only experimented with a bit of bondage / D/s / toys / one or two other things too in that kind of category.

Places.. bed, gym bench (at a house tho, not the gym - but would love to do it at the gym!!), car, woods, B&B... nothing too interesting.

my fav position for bottom is on my back with my legs in the air...and on top its laying on the side so i am able to kiss my partner while we are at it...:eek: boring i know...

as for places we've done it...showers at the gym, carpark (without a car though), under my folks x'mas tree, and the middle of a road (late at night so no traffic) i think thats it but maybe not might have to get bac to you on those lol

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