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Penis Preference
Question.. wheres the vice at... is it attached to anything?

a work bench

Well hell.. I can find something around me or make something the right size to fit in the vice as a make shift handle.

never gonna give up are ya lol Rofl

If you really want to be mean.. Attach it to a car and set it on neutral on a slope.... See how fast they will cut it off then...

Ouch..doesnt bare thinking about

I can be mean...

I nearly broke out into song then..

**whistles Mika -Grace Kelly**

Well hell, I need to move to the UK then! Actually plan on moving to South America in the near future for my career, I think they tend to be uncut there too. That is worth mentioning though Andy, that some guys have more foreskin than others and might probably have trouble with it. IN fact there is such a thing as only being half circumcised and I have even heard of guys reversing the cut too. Interesting, thanks for the info!

Peace - A

i dont care whever a guy is cut or uncut!! an it not the size of the wand it the way you shake it that makes the magic!! i can pull my foreskin right back you cant tell when i'm hard if it cut or uncut!! Scatter how the fuck do you reverse being cut?

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