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Penis Preference
Vice have either 2 or 4 bolts holding them rigid to the bench,so instead of cutting your dick off why not cut off your arm? LOL!

I used to have a bakery years ago where we baked all sorts of bread( 40,000 all kinds a day) and we had 10 huge mixers and once a guy as the mixer was going around started to wipe clean the tub and it pulled his arm in between the back main body of the mixer machine and the actual round tub since his arm was wet and cooking oil also was used,it sort of took him in and with his other hand he pressed the stop button.
So they called the fire brigade( i turned up as they arrived) they brought in a massive mechanical cutter and i said " what's this for?" and the fire man replied to cut off his arm ofcourse! LOL you should have seen the expression on the traped guys' face!Cry

How terrible! :S

In my country almost everyone is uncut (at least 95% of the cocks i see in the locker rooms every day are so!), except for religious people of course, as Jewish. I don't know exactly why circumcision has been established as a law in some countries (apart from religion deals), cos i can't find reasons to doing that to the penis (maybe cos it looks better -?- i speaking nonsense, i know, hehe)... heard about hygienic reasons, but i can't be sure... does anyone know that better?

And about likes... I prefer uncut, it's more natural. immeasurably hot to see a foreskin slowly sliding back, bringing to light the delicious cherry as the penis gets bigger :tongue:

Wow, what an education. As for me, I've never had an uncut man, but I think that it would be great, just one more thing to play with. I',m cut myself so its always seemed normal to me when guys are cut. Seen plenty both ways but never had an uncut one to play with.

I prefer a cut guy, but if a guy is really masculine and dominant it does not matter whether he is cut of not. And if he is really hung that is a major +++++

jmshuynh32 Wrote:Cut or Uncut is just a matter of preference, but yeah, I personally prefer uncut just because I'm also uncut, and because I'm more used to them from the guys I go out with

I like all but LOVE uncut! never had a 'dirty' one - all they have to do is pull it back to wash in the shower. nothing catches my attention more than a hot uncut cock!

Okay so I know in Europe being "uncut" is the norm and is most common.

But in North American being "cut" is the norm and most common, and to me thats my biggest "preference".

So when a uncut penis is erect, its basically the same as a cut penis, but I find when uncut penises really really unattractive, and yeah.

Thats my preference on this issue...whenever the time comes.

(btw I'm cut, lol). I think in most states and provinces here in N. America its covered by Health Care/Insurance and most fathers that are cut have their sons cut, so the tradition continues, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The health and cleanliness arguments are totally spurious. Washing and wearing condoms can cover all those eventualities. Grown men making an informed decision to be circumcised is one thing, circumcising boys for a proven medical condition is another. Routinely circumcising babies because it's supposed to be normal is barbaric. There is nothing morally justifiable in mutilating babies.

The closest thing to any argument justifying this practice seems to be that it looks nice ... This form of abuse has NO place in any civilised society!

I much prefer the look of a cut cock, but sexually I don't have a preference.
During the act it makes absolutely no difference.

I prefer the look of a cut penis, but really it makes no difference.
Strangely, I am cut, but my parents both did not want me to be cut, the doctor did it of his own accord. My mother was apparently pissed (I don't remember being only a few days old Tongue ).
Perhaps the doctor found out that I am 1/16 Jewish.

In the flacid state cut looks better in my opinion...

And no its not mutilation or barbaric. My circumcision was due to societal norms, because my Dad and brother were, and looks better reasons and I don't hate my parents for that.

And if I ever adopted a baby boy or something someday I would circumcise him for similar reasons.

As long as its done near after birth, the person never remembers it. I sure don't.

Oh and the other issue (in North America at least) is Locker Room issues...because cut is the overwhelming norm, I have seen time and time again the 1 or 2 uncut kids in the gym class get mocked.

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