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need help identifying garage sale find
so last weekend i was out going to a few garage sales with my grandmother when at one of them i noticed what i could tell immediately was the handle of a bayonet, it actually wasn't for sale at the time since it was just stowed away( i can't help, i have a knack for finding this kinda stuff :biggrinSmile but the lady sold it to me for 5$ and i need help identifying it. I don't have any good pictures(or a camera) so i will just give the best description possible:
it looks very much like a m1892 u.s. army bayonet or maybe a Swedgley bayonet, but there are no visible markings at all other than what i assume to be a serial number the goes '1353', it has a metal scabbard with a belt clip, a fuller that goes almost the eniter length of the blade, it is about 1/4"thick and about 11 inches long but tapers to the point and has riveted wood handles with dome shape rivets. Oh and it's rusted and beat to hell, but the blade itself is virtually spotless.

Maybe an AK47 Eastern German bayonet? It's really hard to tell without pictures.

Beau Wrote:Maybe an AK47 Eastern German bayonet? It's really hard to tell without pictures.
no, the blade is too long and it's more of a dagger shape( ak bayonets tend to be more bowie or clip-point like).

Call your local museum to see if they know anyone you can take it to, to identify it.
They are usually the best people to call for stuff like this....they should know someone that specializes in war weapons.

jaxc Wrote:. I don't have any good pictures(or a camera)....

You don't have a cellphone with which you can take a picture or know any friends who have a camera?
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