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15 mins of fame
Well hello there! My 15 minutes of fame would probably be when I used to suffer from bad sleep walks. It was summer and I was about 16. I have always slept in the buff and during one of my episodes somehow managed to walk out my bedroom, open the front door, walk over to my neighbours front porch and cuddle up next to their white alsation dog 'Snowy'. I awoke in the morning to lots of screaming laughter from next door's kids and the dog licking me. I was the most embarassed I have ever been in my entire life. Had to borrow a towel and run back into the house. People must have thought I was some kind of perv trying to shag the dog. Never quite lived it down and can never look at a dog with a big tongue in the same way ever again!


So I guess even looking at Gean Simmons from Kiss makes you eerie...

Wow.. that is a creepy story, but I wouldn't mind it if I woke up and you were laying next to me. OK, I wouldn't mind it if I woke up and I just saw a hawt guy laying next to me. Actually I would think it's Christmas and my mom finally got me what I wanted. I have been asking people for a boyfriend forever.

When people ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, I always tell them a boyfriend. Even in stores when the employees come up to me and ask if they can help me find anything, I look at them and say "A boyfriend". I get many weird looks on that one.

Anyways... Loved the story.. I think :tongue:

Quote:Patience !!

lol he'd need it

This is an old thread, but so what! I like reviving threads.

But you can get 15 minutes of fame on YouTube. Seriously and literally, you may upload videos that are 15 minutes now.

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