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Thou Who Stray From The Path Will Burn In Hell
ok heres the deal...

I was watching Jeremy Kyle (UK Talk show in the mornings) yesterday and they had one of Americas most hated families on their. Basically a Relegion (Cult more like) Promoting that all homosexuals or even people who dont apose homosexuality will go to hell. Infact there was the mother and 2 daughters and the mother even admitted that she had disowned her own son because he refused to follow her teachings. A

pparently everyone's entitled to their opinion but im not really a religious man but i was under the impression that "god means love" ??? in that sence god made us who we are? if being gay was wrong then why dont god just stike us down with a thunderbolt where we stand?

geez some people are strange.

Must admitt it made me laugh how deluded they are

That'd be the Westboro Baptist Church then! According to them... everyone who isnt in their group are fags or fag lovers! And I'm not talking about cigarettes!

They're a sick bunch of people who even went and protested at a dead soldier's funeral.

they have they're right to their opinions

but the funeral stuff is pushing their limits under law in my opinion

of course they're wrong - don't let it get to you

Yeah, I've heard about them as well ... didn't they want to erect some bigass statue of ... was it Matthew Shepherd ? The young lad that was beaten to death for being gay ? And put some anti-homosexual message underneath it ??


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

If you wanna see how screwed up these people are... www.godhatesfags.com

you should meet my parents as they think im a devil child and god hates me-we are mormons!

Well you could always use it in your favour. Now you can totaly run amok! If they don't like it blame it on the devil! "Stop changing the channel!", "Why haven't you cleaned up the house?", "Who wrecked the car?", "Sorry mom, it's the devil in me, you said so yourself".

Enough of that and they will have to see how stupid that line of thought is. They shouldn't get to be the only ones who benefit from such a stupid idea.

Because it isn't wrong. Aparently those religions that do think it is forget the bible saying "Due onto others as you would have done onto you."

Religion once had a place in our world but it has become nothing more than a hinderence to our society.

jknutson1978 Wrote:Because it isn't wrong. Aparently those religions that do think it is forget the bible saying "Due onto others as you would have done onto you."

Yeah...the bible says a lot of things unfortunately that people don't listen to...such as Jesus' teachings of 'sell your belongings and follow me' or 'the greedy will not inherit the kingdom of heaven' and such.

Athiest: Agrees, though in my opinion it is religion as we know it? In my classes I've taken over my three years in college I've seen a trend in religions...like...the world's mindset shifts and evolves, and religions do so accordingly. If they don't they become arcane and a hindrance to progress. I'm thinking religion needs another leap forward? I mean like it or not we'll always have it. This is probably best post in the philosophy section...

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