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Straight but....
How do i say this. ...I think I'm straight but I'm addicted to getting oral. I have had guys give it to me before and I prefer receive from guys more. Is this unusual?

Well Guys give much better Blowjobs than Women HAHAHAHAHA,
Seriously though, Don't think of it as Gay or Straight, Or Bi, Just do what ever comes natural to you, If you like getting oral sex from guys than so be it. Just make sure you are happy with it, within yerself.

Welcome to GS!

While I don't think your situation is all that common, it is certainly not unheard of. I say go with what floats your boat.

Just be true to yourself. I'm wondering how many blowjobs you've had at 18. Sounds like you're talking from vast experience.

Many...maybe even most...gay men will disagree with me but I think that a lot of straight men indulge in sex with other men for various reasons. I equate sexuality with who you are emotionally connected with for the most part and again..alot of people will disagree.

So...I do think straight men can have sex with another man and still be straight. I had sex with women and I am still gay....I wasn't trying to be straight or experimenting...there were just no other men around and I was kinda slutty when I was young;.

BJ's feel good... who cares where you get 'em from?

I won't tell! Wink

it is certainly not unheard of. Just get it out of you head that there is something "wrong" if you like it. I don't want to write a book right now but I think that there is too much weight put on sex acts. Just be safe and make sure you are both enjoying yourselves.
I bid NO Trump!

If you're trying to determine your sexual orientation, 1: observe what you fantasize about when you're jerking off: What puts you 'over the edge'? 2: When you imagine yourself emotionally bonding with someone, building a family, do you imagine doing it with a woman or a man? In terms of understanding your sexual orientation, the second question is the more important of the two.

I'm concerned to see the word 'addicted' in your OP. One can get 'addicted' (form a strong habit) around almost anything one finds pleasurable. Wanting to do something pleasurable over and over isn't a problem in and of itself. However, if it is *interfering* with your life in some way, *then* it is a problem. For example, if you're getting head from a guy regularly and this is stoping you from dating girls *when you would much rather be dating girls,* then this is interfering with your life. See what I mean?

People can ask very simple questions but behind them is a real life -- in this case, yours, OP -- and we don't always know what is best for your physical, mental or emotional health. How can we? We don't know you. We don't know your situation.

So… no, it isn't unusual for a straight guy to enjoy getting head (more or less regardless who is giving it). But there could be something more important here. If you are straight and don't have a GF, what's that about? (Not asking you to tell us, just something for you to think about.)

BaseballFan Wrote:How do i say this. ...I think I'm straight but I'm addicted to getting oral. I have had guys give it to me before and I prefer receive from guys more. Is this unusual?

Give or receive, if you have sex with a man you can't actually call yourself 'straight'.

You're to one degree or another bent. Be it bisexual or gay.

^ I dunno. I've had coffee twice in my life, but I don't think I'm out of line by saying "I don't drink coffee". The overreaching point to me isn't "has coffee ever passed my lips?" It's "should Starbucks bother advertising to me?", if you catch my drift.

Regardless, welcome. And luckily, there are plenty of gay guys out there who love giving blowjobs. Smile


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