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Ex boyfriend into black magic
I saw one of my ex boyfriends at the shopping centre today. The guy is absolutely gorgeous, masculine and sexy, I can't even begin to describe how gorgeous he is - perfect from head to toe AND amazing in bed. I was petrified and ran away as soon as I saw him.

I can't possibly imagine why he even bothered to look at me, let alone fuck me. But I guess that's how men work: when they're really horny, any hole will do.

So I decided to post something on GS about my exes. I have no grudge whatsoever and this is not a revenge thread - I repeat, this is not a revenge thread - even though most of them were complete dorks.

I'm to going to mention just a few of them, believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg:

1. The warlock

This is the guy I mentioned in the title and he really was heavily into black magic. His house looked like a museum, filled with religious artifacts (and guess what? No crucifixes!) but it didn't bother me much because I was an atheist at the time. He was 100% bottom, even though he had an amazing dick. What really bothered me was his pet: I didn't see the black cat last time I went there, he refused to tell me what happened to it and I'm pretty sure he did something awful to the poor animal. Sad

2. Dildo Man

This guy owned a sex shop, he had a collection of dildos hidden under the bed and wanted to try them in me. Dream on!

3. The seminarian

Another bottom, really cute but a complete freak. He was expelled from church because he demanded some money from the local priest to buy a chocolate bar (real story!). He later became a catholic priest and went to Brazil; when he returned home on holiday, he called me for sex but, even though I was an atheist at the time, the idea of having sex with a priest terrified me and I said no.

4. Insecure stud

This one was incredibly gorgeous, I was terrified when I first saw him because he was so handsome - I immediately thought 'there's no way this guy is going to have sex me' but somehow he did. He turned out to be extremely insecure about his sexual performance and couldn't stop talking about it but he has NOTHING to worry about.

5. M&M

It's the guy I saw at the shopping centre today and one of the best shags I've ever had. He's 100% top, I gladly bottomed for him but I have to admit I couldn't keep up with him. I asked him to stop before we had to call the paramedics. Sad

6. The Spanish rapist

I'm not sure if this is technically rape because I did want to have sex with him. I didn't want to cum though, but he grabbed me and forced to me to ejaculate.

7. Big Michael

Big black stud, 100% top, he got fed up with me and dumped me but one day he saw me at the local gay sauna screwing a guy and wanted to have sex again. He had this amazing technique that got me screaming - literally screaming: we would do the missionary position and then he pushed my feet all the way back so that he'd get deeper into me.

8. Sex addict

This guy is a genuine sex addict and a creep but incredibly handsome. He sometimes says he's crazy about me, sometimes he totally ignores me. I used to meet him regularly at the beach.

9. Brazilian guy

Huge Brazilian guy with a weight problem. I'm not sure if he's morbidly obese but I'm not prejudiced at all and I actually found him very attractive - he was also muscular and had a pretty face. Like all Brazilian men, he was awesome in bed.

Back to freak #1, I find the subject of black magic fascinating (and terrifying, I take ite very seriously today!), so if you guys have any thoughts on the subject please feel free to share them.

Wow. They all sound interesting....takes me back to my wild youth.....although I can't recall fucking a warlock.....

The first thing I have to say.....I am delighted you had such an interesting sex life.Xyxthumbs

As for black magic...I am not sure what you mean. Are we talking Hollywood stereotype warlock or someone who is Wiccan?

I had a HUGE black cat (Jason) that took up half my couch when he laid out and I noticed over the years some people had a weird reaction to him...like the color of his fur meant something. He was beautiful...and heavy as hell to carry LOL

One time I remember this repairman wouldn't come in the house unless I put Jason out......uh...not happening....I got a different repairman.

Very interesting read..

Interesting read. My first friend when I moved here was a Wiccan. We had nothing in common on the topic of religion, but we also had no conflict either. I'm a devout Christian, but ecumenical, so I didn't find it hard to give her the right to her own beliefs.

The casting spells bit I found odd, as it seemed even more debunkable than the religions that are more proliferated.

I am averse to black magic, as I never hear of anyone wanting to create a spell to bind the forces of ISIS or improve the test scores of underserved populations in public schools. Just me?

Yay yayyy! I can't want to tell you all about my exes too!
Ex #1- The invisible
Ex #2- the pillow.
Ex #3- no one
They were all great in bed though. Especially #2.

(totally bitter, don't mind me)

East Wrote:As for black magic...I am not sure what you mean. Are we talking Hollywood stereotype warlock or someone who is Wiccan?

I'm not sure what he was exactly but he was definitely NOT a good person, I was so horny at the time I didn't even notice.

Another one of my exes also dated him once and told me that he stole his phone numbers and used them to spread all kinds of lies about him.

MisterLove Wrote:I'm not sure what he was exactly but he was definitely NOT a good person, I was so horny at the time I didn't even notice.

Another one of my exes also dated him once and told me that he stole his phone numbers and used them to spread all kinds of lies about him.

Karmic backlash is a bitch, and -most- beliefs that involve magic of one kind or another have some kind of belief or rule involved that warns about backlash for negative acts.


Sounds like this guy is intent on putting out a good deal of negative energy. Whether it's this life or the next? He's going to end up with it shoved back down his throat sooner or later.

(Disclaimer: I'm Pagan with heavy Buddhist influences. Obvious from my comments above, I believe in both Karma as well as reincarnation.)

I'll just post all the guy's I've dated

1: Slutty brain surgeon in training
2: Nerd I fell for (boyfriend 1)
3: sexy nerdy Army guy (only one I didn't sleep with which now makes me sad but not really)
4: Super flaming musician
5: Pothead
6: Super hung dispatcher (boyfriend 2)

MisterLove Wrote:Back to freak #1, I find the subject of black magic fascinating (and terrifying, I take ite very seriously today!), so if you guys have any thoughts on the subject please feel free to share them.

My mother was a witch... Literally. She was also part of a cult. The stuff that cult did included invoking and evoking malevolent spirit entities (AKA Demons). And we the children were used as a form of sacrifice.

Sacrifice comes in all manner and form. If the cat was not his familiar then yes it could have been sacrificed in ritual. If the cat was his familiar he most likely used it in various forms to enhance his connection to the spirit (AKA magic) realm. There are a few 'deities' (Gods, Demi-gods and even demons) that will accept or 'demand' sacrifice of one's familiar.

IF he did that sort of craft its all over for him. Familiars are part of you, this is a sacrifice of part of you to X entity. Very dark, and powerful craft, with terrible consequences.

While there is no such thing a color to magic (black or white), magic is neutral in and of itself, what people do with it makes it 'good' or 'evil'.

My mother's intent with magic, as well as the cult she was part of (thus I was part of as a child who shouldn't have been part of THAT) was selfish, greedy stuff and exacting pain and punishment for others, or to gain profit to 'assist' those who had selfish gains. Pacts were made, investments into a long future.

Unfortunately my mother got a little too greedy (typical in these cases). She ended up pissing the wrong thing off which ultimately ended with torturing to her to insanity, and if the rumors I heard are accurate, her death was largely due to related stuff. (I haven't gone to check, and it was nearly 5 years after her death that I learned she had died).

Since you have been in association with a 'crafty person' who you think has practiced the darker side of the dark arts. I would STRONGLY recommend you learn about protections.

One of the easiest forms of protections is the 'witch's bottle'.

I have hundreds, if not thousands of those buried about this great nation we call These United States of America. The more you bury, the more far flung they are the more effective they are at protecting you from all sorts of mischievous activities of both human and inhuman making.

The real issue with having this fella in your past and having had sex with him is that a part of him is with you - always. If he is playing with craft he shouldn't be, the various laws of craft could rebound, multiply, and spill over to affect those who he has been with or has had emotional attachment to.

I bury bottles at least twice year around/near Samhain (Halloween) Walpurgisnacht (May day). I was born Walpurgisnacht Eve (30 April) and am connected to that holiday. And that birth was intentional, my mother took drugs to prevent labor for nearly 3 weeks, to induce labor on 30 April 1966 (the same day that the Black Church of Satan was established.

There are several other so called 'satanic holidays' which are auspicious occasions where those who are in craft will practice.

Considering you listed this guy first, followed by a litany of 'bad luck' I have to wonder how much of your troubles are actually 'bad luck' and not bleed over, or fallout from dealing with this fella.

I for one would be very careful around guys who practice any of the arts. Due to Sexual Magic(k). Sex magic is not always a bad thing, fertility rites are good, and insure bounty for the year. But there is the dark side, and if a person is into the darker side of craft, you can be certain they won't ask your permission if they want to use you for sex magic crafting.

IF this guy did that to you, you might actually want to find a 'white witch' to cleanse you and give you some useful protection spells and healing spells to counter what ever he could have done.

A witch worth his or her salt will not charge you for labor. They may charge you for the material for casting, as much of it is not cheap.... however if they are decent with good intent, they will not charge you a fee. Gifts, are however, appreciated if you can swing it.

If there is anything specific that happened between you and this fellow that you feel may be 'craft' related, feel free to PM and we can discuss.

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