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Friend was very flirty, I gained feelings, got rejected, confused
I've made a topic on this before, but things have gotten worse.

So basically, I'm a closet bi and the only person who knows this is my friend.
So I have a very, very weird friendship. We're both guys. We met each other around a year ago, but I didn't enter his circle of friends until 4/5 months into knowing each other. He's a touchy guy but he's touchy especially around me. At first I thought he was really weird, and then I would ask myself "if I think it's so weird, why do I let him touch me like this? I should admit that I like it" and then I eventually grew feelings for him.
It all started when he asked me to hold my hand one day as we walked to the car with a group of friends, and I accepted. He tried holding my hand another time, when we sat next to each other in the car. A song was playing, and he tapped my leg, and then grabbed my hand. This went on for 5+ minutes, until my friends commented and said how weird and gay it is, and then he said "Yeah this is weird" and then I tried letting go, and he grabbed my hand back and held it.

And another time, we were watching a movie. He told only me to sit next to him on the couch. During the movie, he tried to slickly hold my hand numerous times, and he would also yawn and stretch so he could put his arm around me. And a few other times he's tried to hold my hand.

And during a hangout, he once said "Holding hands is base one," which is weird, even as a joke. And another time, we were watching a vine and he said to me "oh, get it, these guys are gay because they're holding hands."

Aside from that, when there's music on he would try to grind on me (and I wouldn't grind back) and even when it wasn't the proper music, he would slow dance with me, and only me.

At a dance I went to, my date (a girl) pulled me aside to tell me that "he wants you really badly, he's been staring at you constantly and he seems way too comfortable around you."

When we went on a weekend trip together and I was in bed, he came up to me and kissed me on the forehead and said "goodnight."

There's been another instance where he kissed the back of my hand. And there was another time where I was behind him in the car and I was bugging him by touching his face, and he grabbed my hand, rubbed his face, and then kissed the palm of my hand twice, then turned it around, and then kissed the back of my hand. And he randomly grabbed my hand and rubbed my face again. In terms of other ways he'd be touchy, there have been times where he would just turn around, ask me a question like "how's studying going?" and then carress my face, my mouth, and my beard. He's put his arms over my shoulder a lot, and there have been numerous instances where he's just grabbed me and held me.

At hangouts he'd follow me around and make me accompany him everywhere, including the bathroom. Even if it's a one-person bathroom. And he'd say things like "if you've ever wanted to look at my penis now's your chance" or say "best piss ever because I was with you." And sometimes when I would go away for literally a few seconds to throw something away he'd say things like "you think you can escape me?" or "where do you think you're going, huh?" with a smile on his face. And when I intentionally ignore him, or I'm not paying attention to him, it's blatantly obvious that he scratches his face and looks at me for a quick second or stretches to look at me. And sometimes I can just see him staring at me for many, many seconds. Hell, sometimes during sleepovers, when I'm on the floor, and he's on his bed, he'll be facing my direction and I guess staring at me, because right when I wake up he'll turn around in the opposite direction.

And speaking of sleepovers, we slept next to each other one time, in the same bed, and we would lightly be touching (ass to ass, or legs next to each other, etc.) and sometimes he would use me as a head rest, and when we woke up he smiled and hugged me while we were still in bed. And when guys who slept over in another room were talking about morning wood, he said "I think I had an accidental boner too, didn't you?"

And in terms of our friendship, we'll just always flirt. We'll stare at each other and jokingly say "I know my face is beautiful but stop staring." Or we'll constantly tease each other. Sometimes when we're sitting across from each other we'll mouth words to each other. I'll be the mean one and say "I hate you" and he'll smile and say "I love you." And one time he was across the room, and he whispered my name. I turned around, and he blew a kiss at me. I blew one back, he grabbed it and rubbed it on his mouth.

And even when I'll be mad at him and he won't know why, he wouldn't ignore me. He'd try his hardest to get my attention and to be nice so I'll snap out of it. There would be days where he'd just constantly try sneakily staring at me. Other times he'd still approach me and ask him to come with him somewhere even though he knew I was avoiding him. Or he'd just smile and butt into another conversation I'm having and say "I love you," etc. Speaking of saying "I love you," it's realistically about 20% of his vocabulary towards me. A lot of the time, when I'm not saying anything, he'll randomly say "I love you." I'll be talking to another friend nearby and he'll just butt in and say "Oh. I love you." Even sometimes when I jokingly say something mean he'd say "God I just love you. I love you so much." And one time when we were about to go to bed at camp, he'd say "I love you." I said "what?" And he said "I love you." And I didn't say anything. And he said "I love you." I didn't say anything back and he said "pft... ." And then a few seconds later he'd say "(my name), I LOVE you, alright?" And sometimes he'll yell it out as him and I are leaving and say "bye (my name)!!! I love you!!!"

And in terms of hugs, they were extremely romantic and we hug all the time. He'll hug me for zero reason a lot of the time. Sometimes he'll just be standing somewhere and I'll pass by and he'd grab me and pull me and hug me. Sometimes I'll be talking to another friend and he'll just walk up to me and hug me and say "this is going to be a long one." And our hugs are full body, cheek-to-cheek. And sometimes they'll be weird. I'll be sitting, and he'll be standing and hug me how we are and then he'd look down and I'd look up and we'll be smiling. And another time, I was just sitting and he came up to me and said "has anyone ever hugged your face before?" and he wrapped his arms around my face and rubbed our faces while smiling.

And there was one time in particular where we were having a small conversation and then he just gestured for us to hug, randomly. And then while we hugged, he said "I wish I could just be in your arms forever." At that hang out, we constantly hugged for a good 15/20 minutes, and purposely hung alone inside the house while the others were outside. And after that, our hugs would be longer. If we hugged for less than seconds and I'd let go, he'd say "no, that's too short." And hug me again. And sometimes if I reject a hug he'll just say "no." and forcefully hug me.

And in general we've had many lingering touches and little play fights. If our legs are glued next to each other one of us won't move it until a while has passed, and if our arms are on top of each other or next to each other we won't move it until after a while. And there have even been instances where he's hugged me, then looked at me and then tapped my face, my shoulder, and then my arms, and then slid down my arms slowly before hugging me again. And in terms of weird things he'll say to me... early on, when we just became actual friends, he'd ask me stuff like "if you could make out with one guy, who would it be?" about two times. And then two times, he asked "if you could make out with one guy in this group, who would it be?" And then another time he said "making out with (my name), I wonder what that feels like."

And another time we were having a pillow fight and he hit me twice, then dropped his pillow and hugged me. A few minutes later he said "If there's one guy I would want to watch getting head, it'd be you." And a few weeks ago we were staring at each other and he said "why do we always have so much sexual tension?" And then when I tried bringing it up at another hangout he said "don't try to change the subject."

And as for more weird comments, one time we were just talking and he said "what if I was gay and in the closet and I came out to you? How would you react?"

And when he was just playing a game and I was watching, and for a few minutes he would just constantly say "(my name) I love you" and I wasn't saying much, or anything at all. And then he looked at me and said "sometimes, I just want to love you."
And sometimes he'll just be weird. He'll say "oh I've never noticed that mole on your face before" and I'd say "oh, great..." and he said "no I like it, it's cute. I love you." A few weeks ago he couldn't finish his burger, so he gave it to me and he said "finish it." And I said no, and he said "eat it. Eat it or I'm going to have sex with you.... okay that was weird." And he pretty much always tries to be controlling and protective... exactly like a dominant boyfriend would act.

And there have been so many times where people have asked us "so how long have you two been dating?" And our guy friends have constantly asked us "are you guys gay?" "what the hell? (when we're hugging or staring or talking)" "will you guys just make out already?" And yeah, even when we hug, people will say "what the hell?" "what the **** was that? (sometimes we'll hug when we're both sitting down and he'll do something like rest his head on my chest and rub my stomach)" "well that was interesting..." "I'll leave you two alone in your love fest," etc. etc.

So based on all that... I grew feelings for him. And the thing is, it would drive me crazy, because after staring at me, and flirting with me, and doing stuff like resting his head on my shoulder or chest, or some of the other stuff I described, he'd say stuff like "man we need girls" or "you know what we need? Girlfriends" or if we're in a group hangout with guys and we're doing something stupid he'll be the one to say "wow notice how none of us have girlfriends" etc. and a few times he's hooked up... but then again, even while I've been crushing or in love, I have hooked up with girls myself.

And aside from the comments people have made, just like my prom date who said that he "wants you so badly," there was a girl who was talking to him about how he's flirty with girls and she pointed to me and said "you're even flirty with him for some reason." And there have been friends who say "sometimes he acts gay but he especially acts gay with you."

So basically, I told him that I loved our friendship so much (when he would give me the attention I described) that I grew feelings for him. He told me he only meant it all as a friend and that he'll never do anything like that again.

Now, he's practically almost the same; he's slowly becoming more touchy again and is saying "I love you" again, and we still talk to each other the same way, always teasing each other. And my friends have been talking around and saying things like "(me) and (him) have this really weird tension..." and have suspected that we are gay for each other. And last week he wasn't sober and he pretty much acted EXACTLY like he used to; he was constantly hugging me (sometimes forcibly), saying "I love you," following me around, etc. And whenever I'm ignoring him or acting cold towards him he'll try to get my attention by stretching and scratching to look at me. And he claims our friendship is "awesome," but I don't feel that way at all. We don't communicate enough, I feel like we hold things back, sometimes I feel like he uses me, sometimes I feel like he just wants my attention, sometimes I feel like he doesn't care, I dunno.

And it's getting to the point where I want to text him tonight about it. It's getting to the point where it's in the way of my studies at times, and I want it out of the way. First I'm going to apologize for the absurd amount of times I've been cold towards him and given him the silent treatment. Then, I want to tell him how I feel about the friendship; how I miss the old friendship, how I don't like how he has to be non-sober to act the way we used to (but that I understand that when I revealed everything he probably felt shocked/scared and gay and doesn't want to appear that way; I'm going to tell him that I felt like he was at least bicurious because no straight person would act that way or say such things, but that I'm not going to pressure him into talking about sexuality because it's a sensitive topic),how I don't like how I feel like he avoids thinking about the friendship which is why he can claim it's "awesome," how he makes me feel sometimes (used, just wants my attention, embarrassed or uncomfortable around me, etc.), how I feel like he's not open and honest most of the time, etc.

And I want to know that I care about him more than anyone else in the group despite what it may seem like sometimes and that I care about the friendship. Even though distance is the smarter route, I don't want to let him go, I want to stop giving the silent treatment, I want him to be more open and honest, and I want us to fix this friendship that has been slowly but surely heading south.

Is this a good idea?

What do you guys think?

It sounds to me like he is figuring out who he is sexually, which is very normal at your age, and you represent an ideal for his same-sex attraction, which both entices and scares him.

When you or others frame it as a possible "gay" relationship, he backs up because he's not ready to call it that. But - because he likes the way he feels with you - he comes back for more. It's a tough situation to be in if you are more sure of your orientation than he is.

At some point he may decide to cross the line with you and experiment physically. It is probably best for you to wait for this to be his idea, but either way it is not without risks. He may still yet then decide to continue identifying as hetero, and then distance himself from you because you represent what he will see as a lapse in judgment/future temptation. Or he may expect to enjoy the best of both worlds, having physical fun with you but expecting you to keep it a secret because he doesn't want to let go of hetero privilege. You'd have to decide if you were okay with that.

It is kind of amusing that your friends already assume there is more going on between you, regardless of what he tells himself.

Few things I noticed. You commented on his dominance but I've noticed your submissiveness towards him which has got you into this pickle. If you aren't comfortable with something 'as a friend' then you need to let him know and say it's not okay.

You need to be blunt and talk to him or this ambiguous thing is going to go on and on and on. With clarity on if he has any feelings or is just an odd touchy feely person then you can decide what you are comfy with. Mixed messages are only going to mess with you mentally. If you know exactly how he thinks and feels you can work on dealing with your own feelings so in the future you can be receptive to the weirdness (if you want to be).

Yeah. Go ahead and text him.

Or...you could do the adult thing and meet up with him and apologize in person and tell him the stuff you want to talk about. You know. Like actual communication. Where you can hear the other person's voice and see their face.

Rareboy Wrote:Yeah. Go ahead and text him.

Or...you could do the adult thing and meet up with him and apologize in person and tell him the stuff you want to talk about. You know. Like actual communication. Where you can hear the other person's voice and see their face.

The hell, you say!

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRBDjr1qYyl7qfWN3mUw3c...4jxeY3ChZQ]

You haven't come very far since 29 September, https://gayspeak.com/showpost.php?p=497504&postcount=1.

Call us when you get to Middle School.

[Image: shenanigans-south-park.jpg]

Saw him at party and he hugged me and said "I love you. See, I don't have to be non-sober to say it" and basically he went back to pretty much how our old friendship was. He kept putting his arm around me and dancing and he kept following me and asking to take shots with me and wanting to have a cigarette with me. Teasing each other all the time again. Constantly saying "I love you" again. Hugging me a million times for no reason again. Across the room he saw me and said "hi (my name)" and I gave him a jokingly disgusted face and then he made a heart with his hands.

We talked outside for a while in between all this about our friendship but we didn't get into the nitty-gritty... At one point I was making a sad/disappointed face and said "....this friendship is toxic" and he said "...wait so, you don't want to be friends anymore? Is that it?" And I said "idk..." And we worked it out from there.

But basically on that day we talked outside alone for like 40 minutes. We got some things out of the way, like how we communicate, how we keep things from each other, what I feel that he does that doesn't make me feel good, that our friendship is toxic etc. etc. but we worked it out and he told me that he cares about me a lot and that he loves our friendship.

Things continued to be lovey-dovey and before I left he said "I love you. If you have anything on your mind, ever, let me know. I mean it" and I said "ok I'll text you" and he said "do it"

And I texted him in the morning and I said "So I'm glad we got things out of the way and we had a good time yesterday, but it still didn't make me happier. There's still one thing that's making it toxic. Like I said I have feelings for you, and I'm sorry. Doesn't that bother you? Doesn't it annoy you that you have to treat me differently from the rest of the guys, or other guys in general? Don't you look down on me? I'm sorry that I still like you. I suggested distance for this reason. If we continue how it was yesterday, on one hand, it'll be much less toxic but I'll still have feelings for you and that'll bother you. On another hand, if we continue how it's been lately, I'll lose my feelings for you but the downward spiral will most likely continue. To be honest it started because I thought you were at least bicurious and then when I revealed everything to you and all this happened, it changed things.

I don't know... maybe I'm overthinking things. I want to be happy when I see you and not sad. I'm hoping that I am just overthinking things and we'll still be good. I care about you a lot.

Thank you for staying outside for 30-40 minutes by the way. It meant a lot to me. Despite what I've said, I'm glad I met you, no matter what."

Or something to that extent. My phone doesn't work at the moment so I can't check.

But he didn't respond.

And at my house, people were over, including him. And he was avoiding me at first but in the kitchen he was acting a little normal and he said "sorry I didn't reply to your text I needed to get my thoughts together." And I said "oh... it's okay. Do you want to talk in my room and get it out of the way?" And he said "Yeah let me just play a few matches of (game) first."

And he played... for a good hour.

And we talked to each other again and I suggested to talk again and he said "later later let me have soda first and then."

And he went back and played the game... for another 3 or so hours. And he would look around occasionally to see where I was. And he'd say "(my name), come and play" and I wouldn't want to play because I wanted to get the conversation overwith. And I would just give him blank/disappointed looks.

And then he took a 10-or-so-minute break and when I came outside he went back inside. And played the game.

And then when everyone except him and his brother and one of our best friends were left, he started talking to me. I was talking to one of our best friends and he interjected himself into the conversation and I didn't respond to him. I cleaned stuff up and went inside and he went inside with me and he said with a smile, "why do you always hate me? Like why. Aaaaalways hates me."

And then I was just standing in my living room and he got a hold of two of my games (of a series I'm obsessed with), the original and a sequel, and he said with a smile "(my name) why? Like come on these are like the exact same game two times. You have to play it and show me that they're not the same. Like why. Come on"

At this point, and for the rest of this convo, we were standing extremely close to each other (about 2 inches away from each other) and looking at each other in the eyes.

And I just had a blank/disappointed face and took the games from his hands and put it back and said "Stop... just stop." And he said "what?" with a smile. And I said "you don't respect me." And he said "Woooow... I can't believe you just said that." And I said "you don't. Why didn't you talk to me? You were avoiding me the whole time." And then he got serious and said "Idk I just didn't feel like it." And I said "Why? I don't get it, don't you want to get it overwith?" And he said "Idk I didn't want to." And I said "I don't get it. It would be a good thing for me" and he said "it's not a good thing for me?" and I said "well if it is, I don't get why you wouldn't want to talk and get it overwith." And he said "well... I just didn't want to."

And we had about a good 20-30 seconds of just looking at each other in the eyes, and one of our best friends passed by and asked "how many months has it been?"

And then I said "Okay well if that was the case why didn't you just tell me that instead of avoiding me?" and he said "I don't know. After a few games I was like "....naaahhh not down" so I didn't say anything. If I could go back in time I would tell you."

And I said "okay." And he said "So I didn't feel like it, but there's always a next time, okay.... alright? Alright? Next time. Alright?" And I just nodded my head. And then he held out his hand for me to shake it and I said "no, not this time."

And his face got red and he said "Why. Why" and I said "because I don't want to." And he said "okay well maybe I don't want to either. But you gotta learn how to fake it instead of making things dramatic. Like now we're gonna part ways and you're gonna feel bad and I'm gonna feel worse it's not making anything better." And I said "okay yeah you're right" and he said "It's a sensitive topic and I get that and we should talk about it. We'll do it next time. Okay?"

And then we shook hands and did a cold hug and he left.

During this conversation, a good 3 times, he said "(brother) get up let's go hurry up."

And his brother kept asking me "what sensitive topic? What's the topic? Tell me tell me" but obviously I didn't tell him.

I then messaged him saying "Before I knock out I just wanted to say that on my end I'm sorry for making things dramatic especially in front of others. (Best friend) and (brother) didn't need to see that. Like you said I need to learn how to "fake it" much better. We should talk only when you're comfortable. In my opinion it should be in person and we should get absolutely everything out of the way so that we can have an actual friendship and not one where it's great one day and complete shit the next like how it was this weekend. If that's even possible at this point. Neither of us deserve the things we've been doing to each other. But it's up to you. Goodnight."

And he responded a few hours ago saying "Yeah there's a lot we should talk about and that I want to talk about, so in person and when it's an appropriate time we'll do it"

And I said "Alright let me know"

So... hopefully we talk it all out by Friday and make things work.

I had almost identically the same exprience with a friend of mine. He'd be less like that. But he'd touch me all the time. And flirt with me. He's deep in the closet. Didn't come out yet. I'm waiting...

If you guys are going to make a friendship work, you really need to not keep digging into this stuff at parties, in front of other people, and when you're drunk or otherwise compromised.

I know it's tough, but when you're at a party, be at the party. Play his stupid game with him and laugh at his flirting and your friends' reaction to it, and give as you get. Save the heavy conversations for when you're alone together. If you are consistently a needy buzzkill, he's going to bolt.

He obviously has strong affection for you or he would have hit the door the first time you told him you had feelings for him. But emotional affection and wanting to partner up are not the same thing. He may feel bad because he can't give you what you want. Or he's not ready to admit it. But either way it is jeopardizing your friendship.

In the meantime, get your ass out and make some friends who are into dudes, so you will be in the same space as somebody who is actually capable of a real relationship with you. If you had an outlet for your romantic nature, you could look at his flirting a little more objectively.

Oh, and get this book, it talks of a friendship somewhat like yours:

ShiftyNJ Wrote:If you guys are going to make a friendship work, you really need to not keep digging into this stuff at parties, in front of other people, and when you're drunk or otherwise compromised.

I know it's tough, but when you're at a party, be at the party. Play his stupid game with him and laugh at his flirting and your friends' reaction to it, and give as you get. Save the heavy conversations for when you're alone together. If you are consistently a needy buzzkill, he's going to bolt.

He obviously has strong affection for you or he would have hit the door the first time you told him you had feelings for him. But emotional affection and wanting to partner up are not the same thing. He may feel bad because he can't give you what you want. Or he's not ready to admit it. But either way it is jeopardizing your friendship.

In the meantime, get your ass out and make some friends who are into dudes, so you will be in the same space as somebody who is actually capable of a real relationship with you. If you had an outlet for your romantic nature, you could look at his flirting a little more objectively.

Actually, I feel like it's pretty much my job to do this since I'm much less scared to be straightforward and admit things compared to him...

Should I say "Listen, we both love each other and care about each other. I'm not 100% sure about you but obviously I see you as more than a friend and you're aware of that fact. The thing is, I feel like at this point, we're using each other in some ways. I'm scared to say this to you because I don't want to lose your affection because I love it. Both of us want me to stop liking you and for me to continue liking you at the exact same time, for different reasons. I feel like on your part you like how I give you attention and support and I'm always willing to be there for you and you basically have control over me and you don't want to lose that. But at the same time, if you've truly never been attracted to me, it's unfair to me. You don't have to respond to this, I'm just gonna say what I think. Like I've said before, I started liking you because of how you treated me. It could be true that you're indeed straight but aside from the things you've done like hold my hand and kiss me and whatnot, you've said things that you know crossed the boundaries of a friendship. Friends don't say "I wish I could just be in your arms forever." Friends don't ask "why do we have so much sexual tension?" Friends don't constantly question another friend's sexuality and say "what if I was gay and in the closet? How would you react?" Friends don't say "sometimes I just want to love you" to other friends. Friends typically don't hold hands. Friends typically don't do the things you've said and done. So you have to understand why I feel this way.

But you have to do me and yourself a favor at this point. You have to be 100% honest to me and yourself and say what you want. If you've truly never been attracted to me ever, and you're 100% straight, tell me now. So that way I can, for the first time in a very long time, see you as just a friend. I'll act differently but if that's the truth, then that's what you want. If that's NOT the truth, you can tell me or air things out; you can say anything. I'm very understanding. But if you're not comfortable answering this question that's fine, as sexuality is a very sensitive topic.

But you seriously need to decide and also tell me the truth. So it's easier on me. If you're 100% straight and have never been attracted to me and just want to be platonic friends, then good, tell me, and we'll change things so we're both happier in the end. Because if you're straight I'm sure you don't truly want attention from a guy, and I don't want to be used for attention. If you're not 100% sure about your sexuality, tell me, and I'll be understanding and I'll also be willing to help you figure it out because I've been through that journey, or if you want I'll back off and let you figure it out yourself.

I'm sorry if I seem intrusive, but from your actions I've been so hurt and lost and our friendship has been spiraling downward as a result of both of our behavior towards each other.

But please. For the sake of this friendship, so that it's no longer toxic and there's complete communication and clarity, and we can finally have a consistently happy relationship, tell me the truth."

Something like this good?

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