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Im worried,should i do it?
Im in a little strange situation.Im 17yo and for a long time im unsure about my sexuality.(i don't have any intimate experience with men at all).I like older,middle aged,top men,and i chat with guys like that all the time on gay sites,but never done anything out of fear and insecurity).I also love girls,but never even had a kiss.

Im not an ugly guy,i have been called cute multiple times by girls,and even more by men.I have a good looking body and good looking butt The problem is that i am very shy and antisocial in high school.I feel girls are way ahead of me now,more experienced,and more mature,and im afraid to try with men,cause im scarred.And i want to try as bottom only.

And it was like that until a few months ago,when it reached boiling point and i couldn't take it anymore.So i started chatting actively on gay sites,looking for middle aged top men.And i found one guy,he is 46yo top guy,a little on the bear side.And we chatted for a long time,and he totally understood my misery.He showed me his pictures,i liked them,and i showed him mine,he liked those very much.We exchanged numbers,and continued talking,he was very supportive.He also seemed to like me very much,and we always had fun talking on skype.

But,a few days ago he called me to "hang out",and yes of course he meant sex,and i was excited,and a little scared,but happy,but...he told me he doesn't live alone (nether do i,i live with my mom,and no one knows that i have even the slightest gay in me),and he told me to come to his friends place (flat) where we could do it.But he mentioned there will be also 2 of his other friends there to,that means,with him included,it's 4 of them,and that they are all tops only and around the same age as him (46).He also said he showed them how i look (i have open profile on that site,so i don't blame him),and that he's friends think im very cute,and boyish,and that they like that.He was suggesting that we all cuddle a little,and that they could teach me real men love.He said that he will try and take my virginity,but we will cuddle only if i change my mind.He was very careful and thoughtful,and we talked a lot so i accepted.Also he insisted on safe sex beforehand,which i liked of him since now i know he worries about safety.

But now,im actually a little scared,im overthinking all that is going to happen,and im unsure about all that stuff.I already prepared for that new experience,because it's 2 days from now.I shaved my balls and butt,and legs cause he said im going to look way cuter like that,and,he was right,i do Smile I showed him my new naked and shaved pics,and he was excited and he said i looked super cute and sexy,and that his friends saw me to,and that they can't wait to meet me.Also he said he bought some sexy panties for me,and that they are gonna look great on me.
Im really horny these days,and can't wait for sex that i have been waiting for so long,it's just hard to imagine,i will be virgin no more,at least with men.
But,but,as i said,these days,next to being horny all the time,im scared and unsure of all of this? Am i ready? Should i go to "hang out" with him and his friends or not.He seemed he doesn't want to pressure me for sex.I wonder how will it turn up to be.
So im asking experienced people here,cause i have doubts..should i try or not?

Also sorry if my text is hard to read,im not native english speaker :/

This rings all kinds of alarm bells for me.

Your young, your inexperienced and you've never actually met this guy before. Going to an apartment that you don't know, with 3/4 guys you don't know is just asking for trouble.

Your instinct is warning you that this doesn't feel right. Listen to your instinct!

You can meet this guy, on a 1-2-1 basis, in a local mall or coffee shop. Have a chat face to face, see if your comfortable with him, and only then make a decision about anything else.

If you have a close friend you can tell then for your own safety I strongly suggest you tell them who you are meeting, and as much other detail as your comfortable with.

Your safety has to be the highest priority here, and this just doesn't feel safe to me...

I counted more signs of you being manipulated then I liked.

This is your first time and while it's nothing sacred, if you want to start being sexual you should be. However you are being lured into a situation with MULTIPLE people. He makes it sound like there is 0 pressure but you know that 'cuddling' will lead to 3 men being very insistent you have sex with them.

Sex can be overwhelming at first and it's not what you expect. Putting yourself in potential harms way ontop of it.. I can't make your choices but I'd HIGHLY advise you reconsider. There are plenty of kind, experienced people that you could get with if that is what you're looking for.

not sure why this post has on one post !! any ideas anyone..

for gods sake do not go and meet him and his friends who are all going to use you for sex - its as simple as that...you are horny as you say because of your age and this is because of hormones going through your body at this age....but don't let them lead you blindly into been used by a bunch of older men - if you say no to anything do you believe they will stop ??? what will you do if they do not stop ??? you are one teenager against a bunch of men - its like feeding time at the zoo...I could go on but im sure other will instead

build up your social skills and meet someone you can meet first in real life and form a relationship with whether its a guy or girl...this meeting you have agreed to scares the hell out of me personally, maybe others disagree

OlderButWiser Wrote:Your instinct is warning you that this doesn't feel right. Listen to your instinct!

Best advice ever.

Unless you have some strange fantasy about being raped/gang banged by strangers? This is NOT a good idea. Just saying.

It might -not- happen, but the chances are that the situation puts the scenario out there as a serious possibility/danger.

Omg dude 46 years old and multiple people! Heck no that's trouble. I mean we all get horny but dang! Does he know your a virgin and never done anything before? If so you should have kept that to yourself. Besides that clearly your not that scared and want something nasty. Personally I say do this, meet a guy much closer to your age in public, and bang in a car. ONE person. And don't use his condoms.


It's not that guys can't or shouldn't have sex with semi-strangers, or more than one guy, or anything like that. Here's the real issue.

Imagine you've never ridden a motorcycle before, and suddenly you have one. Your first experience on the motorcycle shouldn't be attempting something like this:

[Image: 2157_1_m.jpg]

It should be something more like this.

[Image: motorcycles_safety.jpg]

Something more low-key, something safe, where you can learn what you like and what you don't. And there are plenty of guys out there who would be willing to walk you through it, and make sure your first experience is awesome - something you can look back on fondly. This guy...doesn't sound like he's in that group.


Plus you doubting the situation is the biggest red flag there is.

So your profile says 16, you say that you're 17 and are apparently willing to go to a stranger's flat where 4 older guys are expecting sex.

This seems a lot like a recent story that was posted on this site. The guy was talked into a group scene and then came back with the tale of how ass-pirates had gang-raped him.

Give your head a shake and ask yourself whether this makes any sense at all.

How do you see this story ending?

I agree with everyone you should NOT go there. Your message is really scary and I am so glad to decides to talk about it before acting on your urges. At least know if you go you will know what your getting yourself into. Some peoples here way more experienced than I am explained the risks quite well.

if you are really interested in this guy as him to meet him first in a public place.
if he don't understand you will get your answer.

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