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Sometimes I couldn’t avoid to feel bad about me when I see gay couples
I sometimes ask myself  “when’s it my turn?” I just feel like I’ll be alone forever. I dont wanna be desperate either by lowering my standards and chase men. I often remind myself to be patient by idk until when? Maybe I should finally accept that I’ll be single in my late 20’s and maybe have fun for now? Dont worry, I’m still hopeful! Haha.

I'd suggest a compromise of the two polars. You can "loosen up" and enjoy socializing and other interpersonal interactions for opening up your opportunities while maintaining the boundaries you choose to honor. That exploration and practice is what facilitates you BEING the kind of relationshipper you wish for yourself. Stay still and spin or spin and play, either way toward growth. Hope you have some natural supports for ongoing confiding and confidence. The more isolation to your 'being' the less opportunity. You already show external and internal character worthy of love and fun. Make it happen. And to end my sermon, always remember, "people don't work, you work people and programs don't work, you work programs." So "just do it" on purpose!
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I appreciate the insight. Maybe this approach will help me in the long run. Thank you!
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It'll help you in the short term too if you let it. If you become more aware that you are the one with the ability to respond (responsability) in the here and now and actually choose to see yourself choosing instead of "life choosing for you" then you are empowered to be more forgiving with yourself and not let your own judgement betray you. As long as you are responsible for your safe and well being, then live your choices withOUT regrets. Practicing this right now as you read is the key to greater peace and you'll celebrate more and more with the practice. I GUARANTEE IT!!
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

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