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Is there a way I can cure my son of the gay?
OK, first off... you are supposedly 'Gay Friendly' - yet you are bashing your Son over something that YOU assume?

Seriously... grow up.

There is no 'known cure' for 'The Gay' - if your son is indeed Gay, he will come out on his own terms, and he will live life the way he wants, especially at 18, since he is technically an adult.

It is up to you to accept him. And quite frankly, with that attitude, I doubt that will ever be the case.

Kinda sad that so many people have an issue over sexuality this day and age.

About time we let this thread die i say.
Doesn't deserve the atention.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

would it be better if he was into cars and still gay? i am into cars, i have no desire to drive a huge v8 powered boat. a midsize car is perfect for me and my v6 would still toast your good old Caddy...

in all seriousness you need to accept him for who he is because you are not going to change him and neither is anybody else...

I suspect a troll and wont waste my time on it.

No DUUUUUUUH you cant cure him of being gay, being gay is part of the perso it would be like getting his lungs out are you serious?! jesus!!! mad man!! let the boy be or hell cure you of being his father

I dont think this guy is serious its obviously a joke

Would you FUCKING stop posting this?! JESUS!

SlipknotRlZZ Wrote:Would you FUCKING stop posting this?! JESUS!
Can you help my son?

SPAMMMMMM troll action...

please delete mods, and block this asshat.

Sir I drive a full sized truck with an V8 under the hood and Im as gay as they come. Your son driving a vw bug wont make him gay although we would welcome him into the gay community with open arms so he doesnt have to listen to your garbage.

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