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Is there a way I can cure my son of the gay?
Boring spam troll

Who's that trip-trapping over my bridge!

I think we should all ignore him until he goes away or finds a boyfriend!

well gents mabe a little tollerence is in order all this hate does not belong in a gay chat place.
obviosly this man is unedgucated about gays he still is living in the 1950s and thinks it is a sickness not genetic we need to show compassion for this man and TRY to accept him as we want to be accepted

just noticed something that is not the pic of a 59 year old man i think the troll is not being honest.

WITH US OR HIMSELF he seems to think gay is a sickness and is trying to come to grips with his Happiness/gayness and is hiding behind his fathers persona

it looks to me like you are not being honest that pic is not the pic of a 59 year old man if you want friends you need to be honest if your father is telling you you are sick you need to get out on your own and leave the negative behind you

Not this shit. You know......I've been wanting to cure my wife of her blue eyes. never seems to workWink


Oh no, not you again...

That very well may be his son and exploiting him... but ya know something whatever... it's gotta be troll.

And your son is pretty hot, I wouldn't mind being his boyfriend. Tongue

Enough of this now... the message is in at least three theads...:mad:

Oh now he's back to doing it again. He posted this twice like a couple months ago or so.

Two people have given him an infraction...I don't think this person is genuine, or if they are, they are pretending to be who they aren't...

Bad troll is bad

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