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Please give me your insights on my relationship (long post)
Victims of abuse are always - ALWAYS terrified that the abuse will happen again, no matter who they are with.

Your advice is overall potentially very good but some of these things might not be true for everyone...I would hesitate to use the words "always" and "never" except in relation to yourself if that is what works for you....these are the favorite words of alot of abusers frankly and I know I have worked very hard to overcome these words especially when applied to my circumstances...that is what they are...words. Always and never are usually opinions.

I believe some guys, like my boyfriend, are not mushy, romantic, and display love by saying it. Some are subtle.

I once complained about my boyfriend always carton milk which he leaves open for too long in the fridge and stink up the fridge. Later on, he started buying milk with a cap on. He said he did it just for me. It warms me up. They do listen. Just don't show it as much.

I want grand gestures from my boyfriend too. But I think we need to learn that some guys just don't do it. Let's help each other here! =D Feel free to leave me messages!

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