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My Lesbian Obsession
I for a while I had this obsession with lesbians, and not just in the Girls Gone Wild I just want to see to hot chicks make out kind of obsession. I was completely fascinated with culture, I read lesbian blogs and I watched lesbian youtube channels. I watched and recorded Lesbian movies every time they would come on TV, I have a stack of 8 or so VHS tapes in a cupboard in my TV stand they all say WWE Monday Night Raw but there really lesbian films like Better Than Chocolate and Saving Face.

Than there is The L-Word which is pretty much where the whole obsession started. It stared innocently enough, the l word came on 10pm the same night and time as another show that can’t remember came on. So I would watch this other show and every once in a while flip the channel back to the l word to see if there where any naked chicks making out on my TV ( I know that’s a complete contradiction of what I said ^UP^ in the begging but it was what it was). After a while I stopped flipping the channel an would just watch the l word. I got way into the show, I was into the characters an their relationships I watched very week or at least 2 full seasons. Which again lead to all that other stuff ^^^UP^^^ there in the first paragraph.

I’m now sure that all that lesbian stuff was a way for me to absorb gay culture an at the same time giving myself a mental scapegoat. Allowing myself to convince myself that I was void of gay tendencies, cause well I was reading and watching a lot of gay centric media there where females involved so it was in no way gay.

Now in hindsight it was kind of gay, even if boobs where involved.

I've never really understood the whole lesbian, girl on girl thing.

It just does nothing for me.
I wonder why?
Can't help but feel somethings missing.....:tongue:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Always want a lesbian as my fag hag^^

They are kind of hot sometimes. I am Bi btw Big Grin I had sex dream in that I make love with 2 lesbians at the same time Big Grin Not as good as with a hot dude but acceptable :">

almost all of my friends tend to be lesbians lol. Theyre just easier to get along with I guess.
As for the finding lesbians attractive lol, well I think I can see how that would work because im gay and i thought Shane from the L word was hot as hell! but then again she was very androgynous lol

Yeah for more me it was less about attraction aspect and more about having a gay outlet, well keeping my straight street cred.

Lipstick Lesbians are so hot and I love watching porn of that once in awhile, now Butch Dykes not really a big thing for me at all, kind of strange but I am not one to judge, attractive females having sex is so hot to me. Yet too porkchop lesbians really doesn't do anything for me, yet it might to someone Confusedmile:

I think all possibilities who let you be how you are are Ok... And if you need lesbian stuff to learn about gay-/bisexual lifestyle... and let you find out that it is not wrong for you to allow yourself to being gay / bisexual is ok.
But it is very interesting so see wich possibilities can be used to learn more about yourself.

Thanks Fenris

But now i have a whole new gay world to research, like i just discover the term Otter the other day. Apparently it’s a skinny or thin bear, also know as a wolf. I think I could be an Otter if I lost 10 pounds:biggrin:.

TimmyThink Wrote:Thanks Fenris

But now i have a whole new gay world to research, like i just discover the term Otter the other day. Apparently it’s a skinny or thin bear, also know as a wolf. I think I could be an Otter if I lost 10 pounds:biggrin:.

Its great to explore that there is a new world in the known world, or ?

Maybe you are otter in autumn... they have a bit more weight to overcome a cold winter Confusedmile:

ROFLMAO@Jason74, "Porkchop Lesbians"? LMAO, so hilarious, I have never, ever heard that term used!!!!

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