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Small penis - Low self esteem
I just met a really great guy. We have been dating for a few weeks now. I am happy with him except when we are nude together. I feel extremely inadequate. I start getting reserved and i lose my mood and it gets rather evident despite attempts not to. He is about 23 cm and im only 13cm. I cant help but feel really lousy about myself. I know relationships are not just about the dick size. But I keep getting the feeling that any other gay guy would want him cos he is big or that he may get bored of my in future...and what else do I have to offer sexually?
Even before i met him i have never been able to meet guys for a random shag or anything. I am a horny guy by nature and have alot of built up energy with no way of releasing it. I really need help in getting rid of this. This is something that can break a relationship and i want to work on it Sad

Well I don't consider myself to be really small (though I've never actually measured; can you believe that?) However, my boyfriend is significantly bigger than me too. Maybe I'm just lucky but he doesn't really care; actually, I think he may find it kind of cute. He jokes about it (I'm used to it now). I do sometimes feel that I am not satisfying him sexually, but this has no effect on our relationship. We love each other and something as trivial as penis size does not now nor will it ever change that.

On the flip side, I did briefly date a guy who had a very small penis, smaller than mine, and I didn't let that bother me at all. Any penis can satisfy, as far as I'm concerned. But if you're really concerned, I think you need to talk it out with your guy.


Well from observation there are a lot of guys out there who are size queens and only want guys who are huge, however there are still plenty of guys who dont give a shit about cock size. Your size falls well within the *real* average range.

In reality its something that you have to find a way to deal with so you can move on. You kind of have to come to terms with the fact that the size is never going to change, and that some men will not be interested because of the size. If your current guy was like that then I imagine he would have been off shortly after he first got naked with you.

Maybe it would help to have a frank conversation with your guy about it. Ask him to be honest, but you have to take his answer and try to keep doubt away. Chances are he wont care about your size. Then you have to find a way to relax and push these thoughts to one side so you can enjoy a healthy sex life - after a while you will find that you worry less about your size.

And dont forget, there are guys out there who prefer guys who DONT have massive cocks. My thought is if there is more than a mouthful then its too big!

I think that your penis is the perfect size.
There is no reason to be ashamed of it or feel bad, and I doubt he has an issue with it and if he does he isn't that great of a guy.
Getting over insecurities takes time but it can be done, what I have always done is everytime I feel insecure about w.e I just tell myself all the reasons why w.e doesn't matter and I just ignore the feeling of insecurity and it has always gone away.
I don't know if that would work for you but maybe!

oh god. i'm sorry to hear you're going through this. i've been there myself.. one of my bf's in colelge was big ,and i was never unsure how to handle it.. cuz i'd hate when people would talk about it.

people have no control over what they're given. I think you need to love what you have and accept it. if the guy is gross and only cares about that then you probably wouldn't wanna be with him anyway except for the physical stuff, and that sounds like a friends w benefits versus a relationship.

Don't do that to yourself. you are a fully dimensional person. i broke up with my ex back in the day because he was a self hating religious guy who will never stand up to his parents.. just not for me.

you sound objectified by being with him. it shouldn't be a competitive thing at allllll.

and what else do I have to offer sexually

.....therein lies the problem..much more than the size of your penis. Insecurity can manifest itself in many forms..... your statement above is what you have to consider and change. For what it is worth...you could have the largest penis in the world and if you thought that you had alot to offer BECAUSE you had a large penis you would be equally insecure...and wrong.

I've read Sil's informative expose on the prostate, and from what he says, four inch is all you need to hit that male G-spot, making your man think you are a sex-god, lol. So cheer up mate, love is based on images and memories, so make those moments of greatness. I truly doubt, a small penis will ever be the sole reason for ditching someone. Oh, I need a conversion table, I am not familiar with cms.

Aaycle Wrote:...Oh, I need a conversion table, I am not familiar with cms.

Sorry, think its a Europe thing.:tongue:

Roughly 2.5 CM to an inch.

But this rule is only usefull for small scale stuff......No offence!:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Lol, thanks Genersis! "Small scale stuff"... pun intended? Lol. Naw I take no offence! I must come off quite delicate!! Lol, I am actually cut-throat! Oh how I wish to be European!!!

23 cm is huge! but 13 cm is acceptable also. It 's not about the tool, it 's how you use it. My sex partner has a bigger penis than me and I don't feel bad about it at all. I wish his is smaller actually because it hurts like hell sometimes when he thrusts it inside =__=

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