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Gays againts gays.
i not frinds with nasty gayman only very nice one. i love being gay becase im same proper gay man like my very lovelly frineds . im a nice gay man!!

Quote:Gay persons have a problem and we need help. Gay people tolerate a lot of injustice in the world. It’s not fair to be treated a certain way because of something you can’t control.
Gay people do suffer many injustices in the world, this is because of hate towards gays and tolerated by straight people. Not many gay people are Homophobians

Quote:I’ve come to know exceedingly awesome and respectable persons both gay and straight. Sadly, most of the respectable ones are straight. I’ve always been one to watch people and what they do and I’ve noted a significant character deficit in gay men. It’s possible that I am just unlucky and that I only come across unrespectable people by chance.
You need to examine why you seem to be attracted to these unrespectable gay people, is this a character deficit in you, as not all gay men are unrespectable or dishonest.

Quote:I'm a behavioral scientist. I am well aware of “why” these things happen.
Can you offer any respectable scientific evidence apart from your own personal views and experiences on this subject.

Yours rants here seem to be aimed at your bad personal relationship experiences and the way you were treated in them. Your arguement regarding the web is the same for gay and straight people alike, some prefer the cyberworld then reality.

Not that I've got some time to put forward a proper response, I can see that most of what needs said has been said.

To follow up on my earlier comment though. I've just finished reading a book called The Velvet Rage. It has some very interesting insights in to gay behavioural patterns. It makes the claim that, while these traits are not unique to gay men, we have a greater propensity to possess them than in the general population. However, the figure given (sorry, I don't have the book to hand) was no where near 99.9%. I don't even think it passed the half way mark.

The negative traits are a function of gay men not receiving adequate role models as a child in the same way that a child whose parents divorce will have a greater propensity to get divorced themselves later in life.

Typically, a child will grow up with a two parents one male and one female. The way this couple interact is imprinted onto the young mind as a model of how to function as an adult.

Given the lack of out same-sex couples the child does not know how to behave in a loving same-sex relationship. All the validating signs they were given as a child revolve around straight relationships. Given the amount of negativity or bullying a child may receive (or be witness to) with regard to homosexuality they learn that it is somehow wrong. When they reach adulthood they attempt to validate their lives and act to some degree in the way in which you describe.

Eventually, they can grow out of this. Some may not.

However, the main point is that the numbers are nowhere near as high as you claim.

As to your question on how we fix this. Partly, go read the book. It doesn't have answers but it does provide greater understanding and with understanding we can improve ourselves.

The second part is that we must become better role models to future generations. You may or may not have children. You may have relatives with children. Make sure you are a good role model for those children in case they turn out to be gay. That way they will have a better chance of having satisfying relationships.

Anyway, that is my understanding. I don't claim to be right, I don't have the necessary "qualifications" to validate my assertions.

I'm fairly new to the LGBT community so I can only speak for myself. I'm the polar opposite of 95% of everything you described an gay person being. Most of the gay people I know are upstanding people. Sounds like you have had the misfortune of meeting the bottom of the barrel type people instead of the cream of the crop. I suggest you do some more research before you group 99.9% percent of gay men together. I like to people watch as well and its been my experience its pretty easy to pick the good apples from the bad apples. Sounds like you have chosen to focus on the bad ones. I have very high standards when it comes to the people who I associate with. If I get a bad vibe off a person I pay them no attention and move on because I know they aren't worth my time. Why are you wasting your time by seeking out and focusing on such negative people? Is your self image that screwed up?

041779, May I call you 04 for short?

Behavioral scientist?

Then you are aware that males (gay, bi straight) do not put much significance on sex as females. For males, sex is pretty much a handshake, a moment or two of pleasure, then they are done.

For women there is more emotion tied into the act, it becomes a promise - all because for women sex often means pregnancy and having offspring requires more than one adult to care for it.

We see it clearly in the LBGT community where Lesbians notoriously 'marry' and settle down and move in with each other almost on the first date, while gay 'boys' have lots of casual sex.

This is a problem of the gender and how males are wired differently than females. NOT a problem of sexual orientation.

Did you also go to high school? Think back what did the boys walk about in the locker room - why sex - It was a big competition of which boy did what girl, it was a matter of pride to have had sex early and to have lots of sex with lots of girls. I'll let you in on a little secret, most of those boys were lying through their teeth, often, and albeit well for the crowd they were lying too.

Males are wired - hard wired, and even the design of the human penis tell us they are wired - for sex, sex and more sex. Monogamy is not a natural human trait, promiscuity, especially by males is what we humans are designed for.

Perhaps you haven't reached these chapters in your behavioral class. Might I suggest a semester or two in human sexuality classes just in case you do not possess the horrible truth of humans and sex?

The problem is not the Gay - the problem is the Male.

Anonymity is sweet!
Is this data for your thesis? It is well thought out, and you were more than careful not to generalise your observations. I like but...

You are wrong, wrong, wrong!!! AND, I have had an experience being a Lesbian, it was awesome, lol. Had to fuck with you for a minute there.

First of all, Gays are not the only minority group that has faced injustices, and where things are supposedly getting better for them. And ALL because of who they inherently are:

African Americans--Slavery
Jews--Religious Belief
Native Americans--Greed
Africans--Greed, Race, and on and on it goes.

Let's look at Character, that thing that you have been watching in us gay men for over ten (10) years. What to you is character? Would you say character is essential in describing who someone is? Would you say Character is the person? Or, is character something frivolous and fleeting in someone? And, finally, is character learned? If your responses to these questions are somewhere in the realm where character is malleable and more than just a conditioned thing, then we can progress.

After years of injustice, abuse, repression, suppression, ridicule, derisions, castigations, torture etc. How would your character be? Would you be happy to be free to travel as many places as your leg can carry you? Would you tie yourself down further to appease the desires of someone else. Would you allow someone who has stolen your identity, to steal again the identity, which you have created for yourself? And, finally, do you think you would be resentful, bitter, hateful, vengeful, and PERHAPS, psychotic, or perhaps even a socio-path? Regardless if you decide to answer these rhetorical questions, You are being quite selective in your choice for whom you call rude. When you should be more generalizing. As we, all people are disrespectful, whether it is tête-à-tête or through our beautiful cyberspace. For are not we all humans and have been conditioned to our characters? How many People in this world are Religious, racist, or aloof because they were conditioned to a degree--many! You have also went broad when you said that some Gay men do not know how to be men? Really? A present male figure in little boys lives, does not, a man make! And no, 99.9% of all Gay men are NOT void of "honesty" "respect", or "fidelity". Where on this earth were you for ten years?

I have lived in Canada for four years in Montreal, Quebec, and Florida for two years, in Vero Beach, and was born an island boy. And I have noticed in both Canada, and Florida, that disrespect exists in EVERYONE, it is merely operating by a different name--DIPLOMACY!! I associated (unknowingly) with people who could not stand my guts. But, I never knew how they sincerely felt until it was pointed out to me. I was shocked, flabbergasted, and confounded. And to this day I am still hurt.
How is it possible to share a room, meal, drink with me and hate me so? I should have known that I was being covertly disrespected, because it would happen to certain people. For e.g. some random individual would stop by a table for small chat and even as they walk away, unpleasant things would be uttered about them. It floored me. And, this networking thing as well is dangerous among us human beings. People can actually embrace you, live in your house, eat your food and hate you. And you will never know until it is too late. As long as they feel you have something that can benefit them, they bury their hate, and USE, you. Complete SOCIO-PATHS!! Here, in The Bahamas, at least one will know if he is unwelcome. Additionally, I worked as a concierge, in one the major hotels here in The Bahamas, and I, have NEVER met, a more blatantly disrespectful, deceitful, and manipulative bunch of human beings in my entire life. It is the main reason I am unemployed, I simply could not tolerate the level of apathy for human worth our so called visitors brought to our shores. But, I blame us (The Bahamas) for this. We promote institutionalize slavery—but that is a different story for another day.

What I am trying to say, is disrespect, whether overt, or covert is not a GAY thing, it is a human thing, and it is getting progressively worse by the second. And, the ultimate dishonesty is when someone can sit at your table and feign care.

Quote:The magnitude of what straight people go through because of the internet and pornography is exacerbated by being gay.
Now this is utter bullshit! Being Gay does not make one more sexually promiscuous than a heterosexual. If this is about disrespect, then truly the way Gay and heterosexuals behave sexually, is irrelevant. You want to make us out as rude, cold, heartless, and promiscuous deviants, but your thesis is flawed--very! Considering, (disrespectfully) you left the rest of the world out of your observation. Truthfully, I find it less rude to be ignored, shunned, or cut-off, than to have you "networking diplomatically", all the while hating my guts so! I prefer to give up on you and have you on your way, than to sit with you, seething under my teeth. Gay men are not solely rude, and in no observation is sexuality a factor in insolence.

But, if this were the case, that Gay men were rude—exclusively? I would only understand it, and empathize with them, I would certainly not blame them. But, there is no excuse for not caring, under any circumstance, whether one is Gay or not.


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