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How come we haven't got a disco music thread?
One of the first 45s I bought, when I started my collection... It was shortly followed by SILVER CONVENTION, if I remember correctly.

Right Back Where We Started From (1975)

French icon for gay men
I think the Arabic version is probably better...

check the Arabic version

Spanish version with a pseudo gypsy beat

or again you might like a pleasant version of same with little clad peeps:

Our favourite BARB and the less favourite Donna duetted in this version of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
Barbra Streisand / Donna Summer
No More Tears (Enough is Enough)


After all this frantic foot stomping and sweaty booty shaking, we need a little time of respite... time to embrace your loved pursuit of the evening (maybe your future boyfriend or partner or husband, who know?) and slow motion to the music of the Gibbs Bros.
Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love ???

Oh how many girls did I not hold like this, hoping they were a hot male cutie... :redface:

OK enough of the schmooze!!!
Get up and do your thang....
Al Hudson & the Partners
You can do it (1979)

are you enjoying this???

Oh wow PA! I think we have an ESP thing happening...I was thinking of putting Cerrone and France Joli next.....was going to do it last night...and love Maxine Nightengale and The Sugarhill Gang!

When you did Ray Martinez it reminded me of Nancy Martinez....For Tonight...

I think I was the only DJ who ever played it but I loved it....


Since you mentioned Silver Convention and Maxine...here is another one from that time period...

Shirley & Co...Shame Shame Shame (this was kinda when disco began)

...and Carol Douglas...Doctors Orders (Charlotte got drunk and danced to this on Sex and the City amidst a bunch of horny sailors:biggrinSmile



I also liked the Alec Constandinos themed story concept disco albums...one was from Romeo and Juliet and one from The Hunchback of Notre Dame...really inventive at the time...

here is part of the Hunchback


Absolutely, East.... didn't forget those, but you've got to flow with the inspiration of the moment
How about Alicia Bridges with I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE ?
"I've gotta go where people dance, I want some ACTION"

an interesting retrospective look at disco culture in the 70s

a better sound YOUTUBE


In those days, there were


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