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How come we haven't got a disco music thread?
In any case you've just got to


I had a really hunky Brazilian boyfriend when I was 19 and he wanted us to enter a dance contest with this song...Magic Bird of Fire by Salsoul Orhestra...We entered...didn't win...but I had this song burned into every fibre of my being when we practiced...

Remember The Ritchie Family?...Give Me A Break?
It always packed the dance floor


This one was big in its day... straight out of the Munich Sound studios

the audience looks a bit passive... they look as if they need to GET UP AND BOOGIE!
I'll see if I can get a better audio, but it's fun to see the sequined outfits... of Penny Mc Lean (no less :biggrin: - more about her later) and her mates, Ramona Wulf and Linda G. Thompson ....

and here's the

The group was initiated in Munich by producers and songwriters Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze. The group was named after Levay, "Silver" being Levay's nickname. Kunze had in the late 1960s been a pop lyricist who wrote protest songs in German; when these tunes went out of style, he began producing pop records and commercials. They recruited vocalists Linda Thompson (real name Linda Übelherr, who would be billed on her solo records as Linda G. Thompson, formerly a member of Les Humphries Singers), Penny McLean (real name Gertrude Wirschinger) and Ramona Wulf (real name Ramona Kraft, born to a German mother and black American G.I. father).[3] Their first production was the minor successful single named ironically "There Is Always Another Girl".

Teena Marie...I Need Your Lovin'

..and her BBF:biggrin: Rick James...You and I

(PA....Love Alicia Bridges...and the Cher song is classic)


the whole music

better sound


Jamaican Jesse Green, freshly arrived from London in a French Variety show, introduce by Claude François who wrote the most sung song on this planet (translated in Enlgish into MY WAY)
Claude François has since deceased in a stupid household accident (electrocuted himself, apparently while in his bath - that's how the story goes)
Jesse Green
Come With Me (1977)


But it was really this one that was most popular... at least in France
it had that "hustle" rhythm
Jesse Green - Nice and Slow


Back in 1975 I used to love this one too....
I Can't Give You Anything 1975

better sound


Thanks PA...I had heard that Jesse Green song before but was unfamiliiar with him or the name of it...love him and his lady's "moves" when he came out on stage...classic!

My lover missed out on the 70s and 80s disco but over the years he would listen to the records on his own and then he found some of the videos...these two are his favorites...both feature Corey Daye....

Dr Buzzards Original Savannah band...Cherchez La femme...

Corey Daye...Pow Wow..

Oh yeah...forgot this one from Madonna...I dislike Madonna's stuff because they played it til my ears bled but I do like this one OK...


Brainstorm...Lovin is Really My Game

Yvonne Elliman....Love Pains (Yvonne was Mary Magdelene (sp?) in Jesus Christ Superstar) (Love this guy's intro too...who is he???)

Judy Cheeks...Mellow Lovin' (I still love this song)

...and approx 20 years later...Reach! from Judy Cheeks...I listen to this all the time still...in fact I listen to her early stuff alot too....


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