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"gaydar" any advice?
As has been pointed out in other threads, anonymous is not a single person. All anonymous posts are amalgamated together under the name 'anonymous' regardless of who actually posted them.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

anonymous post count includes all other anonymous post. And yes, this anonymous thread was created by me but I have a personal reason to do so.

Coming out and open in public is awesome and fabulous but sometimes, it takes a long time for preparation and also in some specific environment, staying in closet is for safety.

Anyway, as I stated, not all gay guys act the same way. But I am asking about a behavior that only gay guys have ( which straight guys never have). By behavior, I mean something we can observe not something in the mind like "I am gay, I like hot guys, dick, and ass". @@

Anyone has any idea?

It's mostly instinct and absolutely nothing to do with the way someone dresses, behaves or the programmes they watch on TV. Some people have a better developed instinct than others.

As well as instinct there is also grabbing the opportunity.

Yesterday on my way back from lunch I caught the eye of great looking guy and he mine, we smiled at each other and I sort of knew... just knew. Unfortunately I didn't have time to act on it. Sic transit gloria... something or other.

Just work on it, it'll come.

I've never been too good at the 'Gaydar' hense i have the same problem and just fancy loads of straight dudes. The only way i tend to see if they are g is if they show signs of attraction. Appart from that im not too good.

I do talk while flapping my hands around lol and I know nothing about fashion.

posterpicture Wrote:For me, I am in closet so it 's very difficult for guy approaches me first. I act totally straight but I do emit gay vibe. One of my co worker who is gay told me so. There were guys randomly stare and give me a cheeky smile, but I doubt they are gay because I always smile back but nothing happen :frown:

I'm not 100% out. But I think my appearance do loudly give a signal to gay guys that I am gay. I don't wear flamboyant stuff, feminine and alike. It's just that I wear bow tie to work instead of a normal tie. I'm also not afraid to wear pink, purple etc. I'm not a soft guy but I am known as a soft spoken guy.

Alright so you smiled to them back. Since nothing happened afterward, maybe you can make the first move. I'm not suggesting you to rip their shirts off and smooch them. Just say hi and make a light conversation with them like, "Heading for lunch?" Nothing sexual. Just a friendly 'straight' conversation. See where that conversation takes you off afterward.

It's really hard to get into this without rolling into stereotypes...

it's not about the body language, it's about the clues :tongue: verbal ones that is... I go by peoples interests usually, choice of clothes, terms of phrase. In conversations about relationships they may refer to them as their 'other half' or partner for fear of being singled out - it's a generic term.

This is a weird question in a way - you're asking how to identify people who are quite obviously gay, when really we're just a bunch of regular guys who like cock. There's nothing more to it till we get the t-shirts printed.

I think it takes practice, and it takes one to know one, as the old saying goes. I confuse the hell outa people all the time, as I refuse to disclose any sexuality. I love Glee, Desperate Housewives, worry constantly over my hair, and watch other soaps like 90210, Melrose Place, Falcon Crest, and Dallas (though Dallas, to be fair, is known to be a 'man's soap, the only 'acceptable' one for straight men to watch). But along with these 'gay' characteristics, I have 'straight' ones as well. My favorite drinks are whiskey, bourbon, and brandy straight. I love NCIS, The Walking Dead, LOVE James Bond movies, generally enjoy watching Spike television, am a video game nerd, and have little tolerance for drama. So...the point of all of this is that you can't necessarily tell judging from behavior. The best way, for me at least, is body language. Usually never fails.

Sil Wrote:It's really hard to get into this without rolling into stereotypes...

Yep, same thing I was thinking. You could... always try to give off hints yourself you know, I've picked up "vibes" as well and to make sure, I made myself pretty obvious. I haven't done that much of course. There was only one guy I remember who ended up being straight and I just brushed off my behavior as a joke.

I am bi-sexual ???(best guess)
and I walk with a limp and wave my arms about if that helps any Wink
I would grow a big pink moustache but it itches way too much :tongue:

I did actually grow one for "Movember" last month.......total nightmare......never again !!!

I dnt like fashion, I hate shopping, I dnt move my hands, and I think my voice is okay. Now,there something which I can't seem to stop doing... having a almost perfect posture when sitting, and delicately holding a glass(orwhatever I'm drinking) as thought it is a freaking Venedician Glass...lol my friends say I have perfect posture, I tried to slouch bt coulndt, it seemed idk unatural to me. Btw, I look more emo, my prof pic is made up thanks to my sister a bottle of hairspray and time on her hands, so my appearance doesn't give me away. My body behavior does...

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