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Where is the weirdest place you have masturbated?
KnightShade Wrote:While in 6th grade. And the teacher caught me. :redface:

Sorry, but I can't help but laugh!

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School toilet, I know I'm a classy lad Wink.

school library....while I was on duty and supposed to be shelving books...Lol, I certainly shelved something......wink wink

Driving around in the passenger seat next to my best friend at the time. I had just got fired from an insurance company and was angry at my co-workers who labeled me the gay guy, to put it nicely. The point wasn't to masturbate, but a small expression of spite. While my friend drove everywhere waiting for me to ejaculate into a condom driving down rail road tracks, industrial areas, side streets and back up to the downtown busy street the building was located waiting for me to reach climax. We were both very board as I'm sure you are right now. finally I had a full rubber tied and ready as my friend drove close, I stuck my body out the window and slung my milky balloon right into the smoking area ash trey of that bitter homophobic looser compound. I hope they enjoyed their break.

Velvetypaws Wrote:...and slung my milky balloon right into the smoking area ash trey of that bitter homophobic looser compound.

LOL Laugh good one Velvetypaws !

On webcam. Normal for some, weird for me, not-so-weird in general, haha.

I'm not sure if this counts as 'weird' either, but I've masturbated in a school bathroom, and at work. Randomly being 'in the mood' to get off will be the death of me, I'm sure.

Wierdest place I've been masturbated was in school restaurant walk in fridge when i was 16. We only had just a few costumers so we ended around 1,5 hours before schedule. After i had redressed into my regular wear i went to the toilet for about an half hour to poop, when i got out all were gone and the kitchen was closed, but the alarm wasn't set off to about 45 minutes later like our schedule so i went around the kitchen to loot some white chocolate but then i got dirty toughs and got a bit hard and i realized i was all alone and it was kinda hot doing it with the risk of being caught, but when i was about to do i got cold feet cause it was so open, so i took some paper with me and entered it and started wanking off big time, it was kinda cold but i didn't care.

lol aester what in the world were ya thinking lol.... I admire your bravery for fear of getting caught but to be honest i cant do it unless im alone... Ive masterbated whilst driving before for a dare with a drunk partner of mine lol

I had wanked in the dressing room some times before afterwards, the backdoors closes around 6 except the restaurant door that closes when we close the kitchen, so if you walked out from the school door there were no turning back until the morning i saw no one. Kinda naive although but thats what i only though of hehe Confusedmile: . Mainly I am pretty shy and doesn't normally wank in front of others either but it was thrilling Rolleyes

As you get older you loose the shyness trust me... A few too many and you could be thrown out a club for masturbating.... That usually happenned to me and a shag piece on a friday saturday or sunday night every weekend and had to say sorry to get ban lifted... Now i dont go clubbing no more

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