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Where is the weirdest place you have masturbated?
In a Greenhouse in the dead of winter.

buy i would be afraid that close to pampas grass thoes edger are like a serated edge knife.
at diffrent times diffrent places bt i guess my sex drive is not that excessive buta freind wantedd to do something crazy so we went to his former high school and had sex in the outside bleachers on a cold dec night i now think twice about the cold dam cold alumum seats i have been with guys that like the thrill
of the danger of beibg caught and go thrue elaborate plans for stragic moments "oh god its my mom,brother,sister,and whoever they might apporate " personaly hate that love long sessons but self readifacations never been urgent for me .

... lol. Can't stop giggling over some of these posts.. which sounds quite disturbing with someone with a voice as deep as mine :eek:

While on a school trip in Japan, they put all the guys in a large room with nothing but a bunch of futons laid out for us. That could have ended awkwardly...
At the same place, in the hot springs with the only other gay guy on the trip, but not so nerve wracking since it was technically closed at the time. Fun times...

On a picnic table next to a road. While growing up did it in the back yard many times and it was not secluded.

haystack.....one word.....itchy Sad I found out the hard way (pun totally intended) that I have hay fever!

In the Library with a lead pipe.

... Oh wait that was Clue

Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:In the Library with a lead pipe.

... Oh wait that was Clue



Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:In the Library with a lead pipe.

... Oh wait that was Clue

it wasn't me i swearWasntme

I tried answering this before but I couldn't think of any place out of the ordinary at all ...so I thought maybe I wasnt remembering something...and I gotta say I can name 100 places where I had sex with someone else that might be "wierd"...but mastubating...nothing.

The bus, I was really feeling like doing something devious that morning and there were other people around.

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