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Where is the weirdest place you have masturbated?
geometry class in high school. i was a horny teen and it wasn't anyone specifically who made me horny, i just was.

the roof of my apartment building, public bathroom at a rest stop, nothing to kinky

I hated my chemistry teacher in high school - always got a hard on in class for some odd reason. Never jerked off though.

Discovered the joy of whacking off during a summer when I was in bed, just playing with it under my shorts. After a few whacks, one good one, and a little squirted on my underwear Confusedmile:

But the weirdest place - the first time I actually CAME - in my grandma's room when she was asleep. Kept playing with myself when a fountain came out of my penis. It was sticky and stunk and I was scared!

car while driving (blow into a maccas cup), school camp (with 3 other guys in the room), in front of my lovers sister.

Driving down I-80.

The only place that I would remotely call weird would be in the woods behind my (parents) house. I haven't done that in about 8 years at least though, I'm sure.

self-sucked on the top bunk while roommate was asleep below. multiple times ><

at work in the bathroom

in a ski lift shack. lol

I do lead such a boring life..... Nopity

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