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Bromance? How do I tell him I'm bisexual?
zed05 Wrote:Hi! I'm in the same situation.. Cuddling, hugs, hold hands..
... He has a Girlfriend too ... They actually broke up already, but got back together ...
stay in there low, next break up go for it.

OK, so U like hugging and holding hands, but U R not feeling sexy around him. If that is the way it is, then why change it?

Sounds like your best friends has expectations. Is that so? U don't have to do sex with him if U don't desire him.

If he keeps pushing for sex, just let him know U aren't into it. If he is a true friend he will accept things as they are.

I hope U R not just teasing him and leading him on. That would be cruel.

Telling him U R "Bi" solves nothing.

pellaz Wrote:stay in there low, next break up go for it.

Well, I hope I can hold on...
He knows I love him tho..
And sometimes, I feel he's playing with my feelings..

I find this very interesting because with my best friend it went for years that everyone kept saying we were like a couple, were cute together. I mean he proclaims to know my secret spots, knows how to make me relax and calm me down ha. He's not shy of grabbing my ass or package though.

I fell for him, and ended up telling him in the end. What happened? Nothing. He told me that he is straight and it's all just for fun, loves the bromance thing and likes having a good friendhship. Nothing has changed and while I would still like to be with him, I am happy as it is with a bromance ^.^

this is how my relationship with my first boyfriend started, neither of us knew the other was gay and the bromance eventually became romance, if you don't want it to go any further maybe tone it down a little and just hang out normally Smile

I think maybe he is feeling quite confused right now possibly? I only say this because I don't think most straight men would cuddle in bed they'd be too uncomfortable I'm sure.

Maybe telling him would be the best thing you've done, maybe it might surprise you and he may have something to tell you also, however would you be scared of him having feelings for you? As in more than what you think they are now?

georgeorwell Wrote:this is how my relationship with my first boyfriend started, neither of us knew the other was gay and the bromance eventually became romance
i still think its a bad thing to have a romantic crush on a straight man. tell the man up front your gay and what the expectations are for the relationship

I posted on my facebook page "Stop being nice to me, if you can't love me"
He did suddenly stop being nice..
Dang, there goes my daydream.. Haha..

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