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Bromance? How do I tell him I'm bisexual?
Me and my best friend are super close. We tell everything to each other: secrets, how were feeling, and what were thinking about, when we need advice about girls, life, etc. we go to each other.

People always poke fun about how close we are. We give each other long, tight hugs. We say I love you to each other. Put little "<3" in our text messages.

We'll cuddle when no one is around or if no ones looking. Like actually laying down in bed and cuddling. We'll hold hands when were having a deep talk or like even if were watching a movie and cuddling. We'll joke around about how gay it is, but neither one of us will bother to stop.

Lately he plays around and says stuff like he feels like jacking off or something and I'm like "Eww dude" and he laughs and goes "Help me with it" He's just joking tho.

I don't want any relationship with him except bestfriendship. I like how our friendship is, and wouldn't want it other way. I want to tell him that I'm bisexual. But I'm scared that he'll take it in a bad way, and feel awkward about everything we do (cuddle, hold hands, sleepovers, tight hugs) and stop acting that way with me. I want to tell him cause he's my best friend and its been bugging me.

1. How should I tell him?
2. Does our bromance seem more than a bromance?

Um. Straight men in a 'bromance' do not cuddle.

A bromance is hanging out with your 'brother-type-male-freind' it does not include hugging, kidding, laying in bed cuddling.

He most likely wants you, but you two are so shy that you both are only using jokes to tell each other whatever it is your are/are feeling.

Just tell him...

Bro, your bromance can be anything you want it to be and if you're comfortable with the way it is right now, than that's great. As for telling him, I belive that if you two really do trust each other and are always comfortable around one another, he won't have a problem with you being bisexual, or if he does, it will be for a little bit only. Just go ahead, sometimes when you guys are hanging out, just tell him something in the lines of "hey..I need to tell you something, I hope it doesn't creep you out" and then just say it in a way that feels right for you. I think it would be a good idea to assure him, even if half jokingly, that you don't have feelings for him though. Good luck! :]

tell him m8 as it will always hang over you ,,,plus i think he feels the same from what u said bout him

If hes truly your best friend he will accept you no matter what. He seems to have something for you. He doesnt mind holding hands with you or cuddling with you in bed.

Well, id really like to see how it turns out for you. Im in kind of a same situation. But my best friend is a girl and i want to come out to her because it only seems fair that i do and i really would like her to do the same if it was her who was the bisexual. But in our case, we do not even touch each other, but were always on bbm and talking and calling each other. Telling every little stupid thing we do to each other. One glitch though. If we get drunk together it ends in the bed. Happened several times and not being able to tell her that i have a bf is killing me.
Also, she will come visit me from new york in 3 weeks an i rally dont know how to tell her the truth. I also dont want to ruin her trip to Turkey since she is coming just for me. Kinda need help with the same situation i guess.

Maybe he's trying to tell you something too? So it's a question of who'll be the bravest. ???

Well he has a girlfriend so I don't think he would feel the same as I do. I just need him to not feel weird around me if I'm bi.

Whatd you mean if ur bi. :S

nikolas Wrote:Whatd you mean if ur bi. :S

Sorry :p I mean't when he finds out I'm bi

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