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Friend is willing to do dudes but I'm scared to ask!
Ok, quick background info. I'm currently in University, there's this guy who I've been acquainted with for over the last 6 months but we've become relatively close friends over the last 2 months, not best friend close but we're pretty comfortable with each other.

So comfortable in fact that I've asked him if he would f*#k a dude... and he said yea, but he would never want to get f@#ked... he confessed he sometimes likes to watch shemale porn.. but he's mostly into girls, which I can definitely confirm that he is girl hungry..

I'm a pretty manly gay guy and I get the vibe that he is not into me sexually but I can tell he enjoys my company... I like to think that I'm a pretty good people reader...

...don't judge, but, I kinda, sorta wanna ask him if I can suck him off... he's definitely open minded but maybe he only likes feminine girls/dudes....

Do you think it's too risky? should I give it a shot?

P.S. He doesn't know I'm gay

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