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Have you ever hooked up with a supposedly straight gay?
I think we have all been attracted to straight guys. But have you ever made it a challenge to see if you could hook up with him and succeeded? Married or Single? And how did you approach it?
I've hit on guys before that I thought were gay and turned out to be straight. Once I found that out, I backed off. Didn't stop me from still finding them attractive, but why waste time pursuing something that's not going to happen anyway?
I think we've all hit on straight guys, i know I have and, I've always backed off as soon as I knew they were straight.

I've had a few ask how it works with two guys, but never hooked up with a straight guy, though if one of my straight friends doesn't stop teasing me about a BJ, I might do it.
I haven't but they're all over Craigslist:tongue:
Never would on principle. I am a gay man and I wouldn't hook up or form a relationship with another man unless they also identified as gay also. Even if it is a gay man that is in denial, I have already been through the outing process, don't need to go there again.
LOL...My MO when I was bartending in gay bars was that I was a straight guy magnet.....seriously. Yeah...straight guys hit on me STILL to this day...I sometimes think I understand why but then I dont' have enough interest to really completely understand the equation.

For many years I had a straight guy after the love with me. I would get lots of gifts and cards and flowers and was a bit bizarre.
Well I think it would be fun. Because I think there are a lot of straight guys out there that have a little gay in them whether they will admit it or not. And for some odd reason I find myself more attracted to straight guys then gay guys.
A few, many years ago. And they always initiated it.
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
monk Wrote:A few, many years ago. And they always initiated it.

yeah yeah yeah, heard that one before...didn't help that you were stark naked with wood Wink
^ If you're not careful you'll become a skeptic in your old age! :biggrin:
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.

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