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How did you meet your partner?
Dear spoken-for members of Gayspeak:

How did you meet your partner? I'm interested to see if there is a typical way that people meet their homosexual partner. We're having a bit of a debate in the Chat Room right now about how to go about meeting people, and we figured we would open up the floor. I opted for this as opposed to a poll because I'm sure everybody's story is a little different.
Mine is a wierd but 100% true story...I told it once before...
Wow. That's pretty cool. Ok. Sure am glad I didn't go with the poll option after that one.
A gay club.
Wow. That's pretty cool. Ok. Sure am glad I didn't go with the poll option after that one.

Poll?:biggrin: I guess that wouldn't be an

Well...when I actually met him in person it was in a bar. I was painting and he told me it was time...I argued with him because I didn't want to go...and then I left. I didn't even know where to go. He told me I would know when I got there so I first went to this Punk Rock Bar I was going to alot in Palo Alto because I liked alot of the guys there and I liked the dance floor and then I went to this other place I never go and as soon as I walked in the bar I knew he was there,....I felt him...I was used to how he felt from him visiting me. It was surreal.

So...the morale of the story your feelings and don't worry about what other people think...and don't think you will never meet anyone in a bar. It happens...all the time:biggrin:
I meet my husband online in a chat room. He lived in Norfolk VA and I lived in Orlando FL. We chafed on line for 3 months then meet in Savannah. First meeting we knew it what we wanted and dated long distance for a year got married and where soul mates and he is still in my heart even after he died.
AA meeting. I was clean and sober over 2 years, he was clean and sober over a year. While we met at the Meeting it was at an after meeting party where we started to get to know one another.

We shared a lot of common things, drug/alcohol history for one... LOL

This has worked rather well for us (around 15 years now) as we both understand the other when it comes to addiction and our personality traits. I seriously doubt I could have stayed with a person that never was a drunk or druggie... not enough understanding between these two class of people.
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Once upon a time I got fired (oops) then went to OCCUPY OCTAGON (Name of loacal occupy) and he and a friend slept in my tent. My friend got sick so he had to sleep. Me and my boy went of and talked drunk some wine. I asked him if he was gay. He said no I'm bi. I only asked cos my friend that I met him through is gay. And then we just hang out many many times and just grew closer and closer. And BOOM. doing things slowly works well I think Big Grin

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At a reception that followed a LGBT sponsored lecture series at school.

All day I had argued back and forth with myself on whether or not I would go. It was one of those moments where I felt like I needed to push myself "out," so going finally won. I went by myself, and then when the lecture was over I was going to quietly leave. Rolleyes But, I saw a few people I knew and in talking with them, I walked with them and the crowd and ended up at the reception.
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