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How do you cope with behavior like this?
I even called Westboro's number. Apparently, if you press 6, you get a message about how gay people are going to Hell. How nice of them to put that. Rolleyes
JisthenewK Wrote:That was hard to watch, but I'm glad you posted that, too. What is wrong with these people? I used to be a Christian, even a few months after I came out as gay, but now I feel much better as an atheist. Do these people honestly ENJOY the pain that comes with the strictness of religion? I don't believe for one minute they do. I think they're just scared that if they slip up, they'll burn forever, which isn't true. To some extent, I even feel sorry for them that they believe that. :redface:
I watched the videos...Giving one more reason to question fundamental Christianity.I did make an interesting observation about their "preacher". I didn't see a bible anywhere. In his hand or on the pulpit.In his sermon or speach? I didn't here him read a verse in reference to his subject or for that matter have any Bible basis for any of his twisted conversation.

What is misleading here is in one breathe he is professing to be a pastor, a representative of God. These people actually believe he is a Man of God and will follow him no matter what. Christianity the very faith he professes will hold him accountable for his deception. And the same faith will hold the people accountable for believing the lie AND BRINGING THEIR SMALL INNOCENT CHILDREN IN AS WELL. That to me is the saddest part of all. Adults should have ahhh, the suave to make right choices.but the children are not even given the chance to developbalenced value system.
I ignore it and hope they go away.

Well mostly I ignore it.

I tried the education angle, pulling out the scriptures and showing them where God's love is. After years of doing that I realized that they are bound and determined to be lost in their hatred. There is nothing anyone can do to make them see reason, nor love, nor tolerance.

Having argued for years with so called 'Christians' over what the bible does and does not say (not only on the LGBT issue, but many others) I also realized that these sorts of people are purposefully self imposing their own ignorance. They refuse to learn, refuse to actually think for themselves.

Why? Unknown.

I personally do not understand bigotry. It escapes me.
Also, according to the Westboro Baptist Church, women preachers are "whores."
I watched a minute of the first video and my back was getting up... Ok so lets play the whole god card.. I didnt realise that wench who looks like she should have been tried for being a witch as clearly dresses like one has a direct link to god... Is she on crack because lets face it... I burnt my bible one night when i needed the bonfire to get going and decided to give up my religion and i do not pay any money to the local church as required in my mortgage agreement because in my opinion... Why pay an organisation which says i am wrong??? Thats like a guy paying someone to murder him... It isnt right... Now jermey kyle is the best i must admit and i love his views and his arrogance and if i ever met anyone like that bich i would tell them that they are a disgrace to nature... God didnt make us nature did u silly twat and to be honest unless u can show me evidential proof of some harry potter look a like in existance.... Ill remain a non believer! As the slogan said recently


If you raise a child on hatred they will practice it and if being gay is wrong then so is so many other things..

hatred will never be abolished in this world which is a walk of life we live by its easier to hate than it is to understand x
the family in the youtube video are nothing more than people loosing the plot and getting envolved in something they shouldnt be... I know that this was prooven when she said that god hates catholics as they are pedophiles

she has properly lost the plot i was laughing all the way through she needs to be tried for being a witch because any decent parent would love their child unconditionally regardless...
This woman is just mean. How can she sit there and tell that woman who lost her son "he's in hell and it's your fault." That's inhumane, isn't it?
dont focus on the small minded people mate - just live your life as a caring human being ,, i find that these people dig there own graves when put infront of more knowlegable people
I asked a old police officer how he kept his cool when dealing with people out of control, his answer was "consider the source", James
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]
I don't worry about Westboro because I think they're their own worst enemies, and by extension they make gay bashing look bad (just like the Nazis made racism look bad to Americans even though America probably inspired many of the Nazis racist policies), so I hope they keep offending America in interviews like this and making sure they share how much they hate gays so that others who share the Westboro hatred of homosexuality seems to be like them.

Even the KKK has said Westboro is too hateful.

Unfortunately, there are homophobes and outright haters who are just as extreme as Westboro on the gay issue but they know how to better present themselves and not alienate the public. These are the ones who get invited to pray at Obama's inauguration and get "kill the gays" bills passed in Africa (showing what they hope for America in the end but in the meantime fighting gay marriage in the US), and then there are people like the CEO of Chick-fil-A who donate millions of dollars to these groups. Those are the dangerous ones, those are the ones I dread.

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