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I Dont Know When
Well done! Remybussi That is such good news. Bow You have probably achieved the hardest thing that is ever going to be expected of you. I'm tearing up too just thinking about what you have written. Your mum and dad sound like really good, caring people. That is no more than we should expect and hope for from our parents. Like fjp999 I think you should be REALLY proud of yourself. Yelclap

You have probably thought about this, but don't forget that you have had a long time coming to terms with your sexuality. This is another milestone on the journey. But if your conversation with your father was really the first time he had been forced to confront it himself, you have the advantage. Now he needs time to deal with this news and the time to talk things over with you and your mum to begin to make sense of it for himself. He and your mum are going to have to change a lot of things they had thought about and hoped for for their own futures (grandchildren, for example, are no longer to be taken for granted).

Of course things feel a little award at the moment, but this will soon pass. Your mum and dad love you and they will support you. I think it is amazing that your dad offered to attend the meeting with you. That shows real strength in my opinion. Of course the stuff about turning boys gay is nonsense, but it is still very common in popular collective consciousness. Now it is an opportunity for all of you to learn some facts. You could do a lot worse than get your mum and dad to check out the John Barrowman YouTubes ("The Making of Me - John Barrowman"), which I have mentioned several times on here. He examines the current scientific thinking on the genetic origins of same-sex feelings and nowhere is there any credible literature saying that a person's sexuality can be turned.

Your next job is to go to the meeting and make some new friends with whom you can relax and enjoy being yourself. This really is the first day of the rest of your life Wink

Good luck ... SO proud of you Wow
Thanks marshlander.

Last night my brother and i talked. i couldn't actually tell him that i'm gay. i just couldn't say it. so instead i told him i was going to text him. i texted him first saying "i made mom and dad cry". he asked why and kinda laughing. He said do you have cancer or something. i just laughed it off. then i texted him saying "i know you already know im gay but i told them im gay." he asked if i was serious. i started crying again and that's when he realized i wasnt joking. i told him everything and how my mom and dad worries for me and how my mom says not to tell my friends. i was crying so much. i told him about the meeting too and he offers to come with me. but i told him i need to do it myself. then i just went to sleep.

this morning my friend that texted me last night stopped by. but i couldn't really talk to her. she just played games with my bro. then my bro leaves for school and she asks if i needed to be alone. i told her yes and that i might call her after the meeting.

after she leaves, my mom came into the room. she would ask why i'd say such things and that it isn't true because i dont act like it. she asked if i was having feelings for a guy. i thought maybe she thought that i was seeing a guy so i said no. she asked if i was having trouble liking a girl. i just shrugged. she was tearing up. she then says that me and my bros can tell her and my dad anything. and that they would support me anyhow. but she keeps mentioning to straighten up and that it isnt true. i couldnt look her straight in the eyes. well i didnt look any of them straight in the eyes when i told them. its just tough.

i think things will get a bit better after this meeting at 7. i just need to find myself right now.

Guys here's a text i just got a minute ago from my younger bro.

"Just making sure you know i'm here if you need someone to talk to and when i'm not home you can call or text"

That almost made me cry cuz i know my family would always be there for me no matter what.
Hiya babes,
Coming out is a hard and exhausting time in ones life.. When your out to someone the first thing that happens is shock sets in and then the questions come later.. It might take a little while for things to wear through babes but all you need to do is just say to ya mum and dad that you are still you the only difference is that last week they didnt know you were gay and this week they do..
Inform them maybe that in life people shouldnt hide their true feelings or they lead a unhappy life and as any parent would want they would want their child to be happy in life and your parents appear to be shocked and coming to terms with the news.. Gay appears in humans and animals etc etc Its one of the factors of life and at the end of the day it isnt an easy one to deal with BUT it is one that gets easier and as you become more confident with yourself now that your out your find that others will grow to respect ya... The shock syndrome is caused because people think it could never appear in their blood line when it has..

Jus hold on tight babes and ride it out it does get easier beleive me and once u are like me and out for a few years you reach a point yea im gay so what its nothing new..

Your brother may get what my sister gets and thats the question

"Whats it like having a gay brother???"

Best thing to do is sit down talk with him have a heart to heart with him.. My brother never let me do that with him nor any of my siblings i jus got homophobic remarks but you and ya bro are close and he offers ya support as well thats even better because he approves it which is great news babes

To be honest im dead proud of ya now your see your life change for the better as you adapt to a brand new you so to speak as i did

kindest regards and a massive HUG

zeon x
thanks thanks.

and yes i was thinking of telling them that "i'm still me and the only difference is that i'm gay and in order to lead a happy life i have to show my true feelings"
yeah i might tell them that after the meeting
I dont get how your parents know. Are you effeminate? Or is it just that youve never had a girlfriend?
i've had a girlfriend. and no i dont think im feminine. and i thought that they knew. but i guess my dad didnt. my mom im not sure about. but she denies it. and i think my bro has that gaydar or somethign? he's probably like me in that we know a gay person when we see one
join the live chat room...there's like 6 of us there right now
Hey guys!

So I attended the meeting for like 2 hours. There about l2 of us there. 5 of us were new and the rest are regulars. They were all nice and funny. They were easy to talk to and I guess I made new friends. They invited me to a party and I'm planning on taking that day off from work so I can go. I told most of them how I just came out to my parents a couple of days ago and they were very supportive. I'm glad I went. It was worth it. Oh and 2 of them gave me their numbers too so that was cool.

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